Mortech GL119 Side Exhaust Pathology Workstation


Elevate your laboratory procedures with the Mortech GL119 Pathology Workstation, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates efficiency, adaptability, and impeccable design to enhance your pathology workspace. Featuring an innovative side downward exhaust design, the GL119 ensures superior air quality and a clean working environment, promoting both laboratory professionals’ well-being and sample integrity. This workstation’s dual-sided exhaust system guarantees consistent and effective ventilation, removing fumes and odors for a safe environment during meticulous procedures.


Enhance your pathology workspace with the Mortech GL119 Pathology Workstation:

Innovative Side Exhaust Design

The Mortech GL119 stands out with its innovative side downward exhaust system thoughtfully integrated into the dissecting area.

This unique feature ensures superior air quality and a clean working environment, promoting the well-being of both laboratory professionals and valuable samples. Remarkably, the workstation’s versatile design allows it to be operated from either side, adding a layer of flexibility to accommodate different workflow preferences.

Comprehensive Downward Exhaust System

With downward exhaust on both sides of the dissecting area, the GL119 offers consistent and effective ventilation across the workspace.

This dual-sided exhaust configuration optimally removes fumes and odors, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for meticulous procedures.

Exceptional Construction and Craftsmanship

Constructed with an unwavering commitment to quality, the Mortech GL119 features an all-stainless steel construction for both the work area and the exterior closure panels. This choice of premium materials not only guarantees exceptional durability but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a workspace that meets the highest standards of hygiene.

Integrated Functionalities for Optimal Workflow

Equipped with a range of thoughtful features, the GL119 streamlines your workflow and optimizes your pathology procedures.

This pathology workstation boasts an exhaust duct that seamlessly connects to your building’s ventilation system, effectively removing airborne contaminants. The integral sink, complemented by a mixing faucet, provides convenience for washing and preparing specimens. The hot and cold hand spray assembly offers versatility and precision for handling samples.

Enhanced Efficiency and Organization

Catering to the needs of professionals, the GL119 comes complete with four instrument drawers, allowing efficient storage and easy access to essential tools.

This pathology workstation’s pull-out writing platform offers a dedicated space for documentation, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. For added convenience, the pathology workstation includes a polyethylene dissecting board, adding a layer of versatility to your procedures.

Safety and Practicality in Focus

The inclusion of a GFCI duplex receptacle with a waterproof cover underscores the pathology workstation’s focus on safety. This protective feature safeguards electrical connections from potential hazards, ensuring a secure working environment.

Tailored to Your Needs

The Mortech GL119 Pathology Workstation is designed to cater to your specific requirements. For bespoke solutions, the option to inquire about custom layouts and designs is available. These options are designed to seamlessly integrate into your available space while maximizing functionality.

In summary, the Mortech GL119 Pathology Workstation presents an unparalleled fusion of innovation, durability, and adaptability, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and precision in your pathology laboratory. This workstation is poised to revolutionize your procedures, enhancing every aspect of your work from ventilation to organization, and ultimately transforming your laboratory experience.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Customizable Width x 26" x 40"


Dependent upon customizable sizing



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