Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Tissue Processor


This advanced solution blends user-friendly features with specimen safety, enhancing precision and efficiency. The self-calculation delay mode optimizes workflow, while the vigilant computer monitoring safeguards specimens. Automated paraffin cleansing, comprehensive display, and intuitive control panel simplify management. The unique basket design accommodates upright cassette specimens, while programmable elements in reagent and paraffin stations ensure meticulous processing. Holding 300 cassettes and offering 14-step processing, this processor pioneers excellence.

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Elevate Specimen Processing with the Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Tissue Processor

Unlock a new level of precision and efficiency in tissue processing with the advanced Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Tissue Processor. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly combines user-friendly features with unparalleled specimen safety, ensuring optimal results in histopathology.

With a focus on workflow enhancement and meticulous protection, this processor boasts a flexible self-calculation delay mode that coordinates processing completion, revolutionizing your laboratory’s efficiency. The integrated computer vigilantly monitors every step of the processing sequence, safeguarding your valuable specimens and preserving the integrity of your system.

Experience Unprecedented Control and Precision

Experience the power of all station, operator-selectable control, allowing for faster fluid exchange across all tissue samples. The strategically positioned heater elements ensure uniform reagent temperatures throughout the retort, guaranteeing consistency in processing outcomes. The innovative inclusion of gentle tidal agitation further optimizes reagent mixing while minimizing tissue cross-contamination, enhancing both efficiency and result quality.

Innovative Paraffin Cleansing and Comprehensive Control

The Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Processor introduces an automated paraffin cleansing feature that effectively degasses paraffin within the oven, eliminating the need for additional retort cleaning cycles. With its comprehensive full-screen display, at-a-glance information is always available, making monitoring and managing the process effortlessly efficient. The intuitive and accessible control panel empowers users with complete system management capabilities, putting you in control of every aspect of processing.

Revolutionary Design and Unmatched Capacity

The basket design of the Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Processor allows for the upright placement of cassette specimens, optimizing space and convenience. Designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories, this processor fits all standard embedding consoles, streamlining your workflow for enhanced convenience.

Impeccable Reagent Management and Precision Processing

The Tissue-Tek VIP processors employ a unique combination of alternating pressure, vacuum, heat, and agitation to achieve superior block results. With programmable elements in each of its 10 reagent and 4 paraffin stations, it guarantees a meticulously controlled 14-step processing cycle. With the capacity to hold 300 cassettes and an oven capable of accommodating three 4-liter interchangeable paraffin reservoirs, the Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Processor is designed for excellence.

Dive into the Future of Histopathology

Step into a new era of specimen processing with the Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E300 Tissue Processor. With its robust design, intuitive control, and unmatched capacity, this processor stands as a testament to precision, innovation, and dedication to the science of histopathology. Embrace the future of tissue processing and elevate your laboratory’s capabilities with Sakura.

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VIP E300



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Bench model: 39.4" x 22.8" x 26"
Floor model: 19.7" x 22.8" x 52.8"


289 lbs



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