Justrite 17 Gallon Flammable Safety Cabinet, Manual Close Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback – 891700


This meticulously designed cabinet redefines storage solutions for flammable liquids. Expanding storage by 17 gallons, its low-height design is optimized for limited floor spaces, fitting seamlessly on benchtops or atop larger cabinets. It meets stringent compliance standards including OSHA, NFPA 30, and NFPA 1, and holds FM-approval, attesting to its tested and verified safety. Crafted with a robust 18-gauge steel construction, its manual-close, self-latching doors ensure secure closure, further reinforced by the innovative U-Loc™ handle. The Haz-Alert™ reflective labels enhance visibility during emergencies.


Elevate Safety and Storage Efficiency with the Justrite 17 Gallon Flammable Safety Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback – 891700: A Haven for Flammable Liquids

Enhanced Storage Capacity: Expanding Boundaries of Storage

Unlock the potential of limited floor space with the Justrite 17 Gallon Flammable Safety Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback. Designed to magnify storage capacity by 17 gallons (64 l), this solution is ideal for scenarios where optimizing space is paramount. Its exterior dimensions of 24 inches in height by 43 inches in width and 18 inches in depth (610 mm H x 1092 mm W x 457 mm D) underscore its ability to extend storage while maintaining a low-height design, permitting storage on benchtops or atop 30 or 45-gallon (114/170 l) cabinets.

Versatile Placement: Unleash the Power of Adaptability

Embrace the versatility of this design, allowing independent use on benchtops or stacking atop existing Justrite safety cabinets. Additionally, for those who seek wall-mounted solutions, the cabinet is wall mountable with the optional wall hanger assembly (model 25950), accentuating its adaptability to various spaces and configurations.

Unyielding Compliance and Tested Design: A Testament to Safety

The cabinet is not only a testament to safety but also to meticulous compliance. It aligns seamlessly with the standards set by OSHA, NFPA 30, and NFPA 1, promising uncompromising safety measures. The FM-approval and fire-tested attributes underscore its commitment to surpassing safety thresholds.

Robust Construction: Ensuring Protection and Durability

Constructed from a robust 18-gauge (1-mm) thick steel double-wall, the cabinet incorporates 1.5 inches (38 mm) of insulating air space, culminating in enhanced fire resistance. The fully welded construction stands as a testament to longevity, maintaining its structural integrity even in the face of fire. Its manual-close, self-latching doors guarantee secure closure while accommodating a 180-degree opening. The U-Loc™ handle augments security with a mandatory latch that doesn’t require manual rotation.

Visibility and Safety Amplified: Haz-Alert™ Reflective Labels

Enhance safety protocols with Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels, facilitating heightened visibility during fire conditions or power outages when illuminated with a flashlight. The labels, reading “FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY,” are an integral feature of this safety cabinet.

Enhanced Shelf Design: Maximizing Safety

The cabinet’s interior showcases the patented galvanized steel SpillSlope® shelf. This innovative design efficiently directs spills to the back and bottom, channeling them into a 2-inch (51-mm) leak-tested sump that meets EPA requirements. The adjustable SpillSlope shelves, adhering to ANSI MH28.1 standards, can withstand a safe allowable load of 350 lbs (159 kg), offering enhanced stability and durability.

The Justrite Legacy: Unmatched Reliability

Justrite’s unwavering commitment to safety and excellence is evident in its array of over 300 safety cabinet models, ranging from 4- to 115-gallon (15- to 435-l) capacities. Each cabinet is fortified with a 10-year warranty, further reflecting their dedication to ensuring your safety.

Choosing Safety, Choosing Justrite: Elevate Your Storage Experience

Experience the pinnacle of safety and storage efficiency with the Justrite 17 Gallon Flammable Safety Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback – 891700. This cabinet embodies Justrite’s ethos of uncompromising safety measures coupled with innovative design, making it a paramount choice for diverse industrial settings.

Additional information



891700 17G



Dimensions (W x D x H)

39.5" x 14.6" x 19.5"


123 lbs



Operator Manual

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