Justrite 12 Gallon, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Compac – 891220


Its compact size, measuring 35 inches in height by 23.25 inches in width and 18 inches in depth, makes it an ideal fit for countertops and workbenches, ensuring easy access to frequently used chemicals. Crafted from rugged 18-gauge steel with 1.5 inches of insulating air space, it guarantees fire resistance. The self-closing door mechanism and automatic closure feature enhance safety protocols, while the innovative SpillSlope® shelf ensures responsible spill management. With compliance certifications and a 10-year warranty, this cabinet symbolizes Justrite’s commitment to unmatched efficiency and safety in your workspace.


Justrite 12 Gallon, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Compac 891220: A Compact Solution for Safe and Efficient Storage

Space-Efficient Flammable Liquid Storage: Unveiling the Ultimate Safety Cabinet

Elevate safety standards with the Justrite 12 Gallon Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Compac – a masterpiece designed to provide secure and compliant storage of flammable liquids and solvents, right at your fingertips. Whether for aerosols, cleaners, degreasers, or similar substances, the Justrite 12 gallon cabinet is your answer to maintaining safety while optimizing accessibility. Its distinctive yellow hue signifies not only caution but also Justrite’s commitment to excellence.

A Portable Haven for Flammable Liquids: Ideal Size for Limited Spaces

Designed to fit seamlessly within your workspace, the Justrite 12 gallon cabinet boasts exterior dimensions of 35 inches in height by 23.25 inches in width and 18 inches in depth (889 mm H x 591 mm W x 457 mm D). With a storage capacity of 12 gallons (45 L) of flammable liquids, it’s the ideal solution for workbenches and countertops with limited real estate. Its portable nature ensures that often-used chemicals are readily accessible, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Rugged Construction for Unyielding Protection: Built for Safety

Experience the robust construction of the Sure-Grip® EX Compac Safety Cabinet. Fashioned from sturdy 18-gauge (1-mm) thick steel double-wall, it boasts 1.5 inches (38 mm) of insulating air space, an indispensable feature for heightened fire resistance. The fully welded, non-riveted construction maintains unit squareness and enhances fire protection by minimizing air gaps.

Innovative Self-Closing Door Mechanism: Maximizing Safety

Discover innovation with the self-closing door mechanism. Designed to ensure obstruction-free access to shelf space, this high-performance door opens up to 140 degrees, allowing convenient utilization. The patented concealed self-close mechanism operates smoothly, and continuous piano hinges guarantee seamless closure with every use.

Fail-Safe Fire Protection: Automatic Closure Mechanism

Elevate safety protocols with the automatic closure mechanism. Under fire conditions, fusible links within the self-closing doors melt at 165°F (74°C), automatically prompting the doors to shut securely. A self-latching system engages via three stainless steel bullet slams, providing an impenetrable barrier against fire.

Maximum Efficiency in Storage: Optimized Shelf Design

The Justrite 12 gallon cabinet features a patented, galvanized steel SpillSlope® shelf, designed ingeniously to direct spills towards the back and bottom. These spills collect in a 2-inch (51-mm) leak-tested sump that complies with EPA requirements, guaranteeing responsible disposal. With adjustable spacing on 3-inch (76-mm) centers, all SpillSlope shelves adhere to ANSI MH28.1 standards, supporting up to 350 lbs (159 kg) of allowable load.

Compliance and Durability: Beyond Expectations

Compliance is non-negotiable, and the Justrite 12 gallon, 891220 Flammable Cabinet adheres to the stringent requirements of OSHA, NFPA 30, NFPA 1, and IFC. FM Approvals attest to its impeccable safety standards. The cabinet features dual vents with flame arresters, adjustable self-leveling feet, and a built-in grounding connector for comprehensive safety.

A Legacy of Reliability: Justrite’s Commitment

Justrite’s legacy shines through with a 10-year warranty that accompanies every cabinet. A durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish ensures chemical resistance both inside and out, fortifying the cabinet against corrosion and humidity.

Efficiency, Compliance, Excellence: Choose Justrite Elevate your workspace’s safety, compliance, and efficiency with the Justrite 12 Gallon Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Compac. The Justrite 12 gallon cabinet stands as a testament to Justrite’s dedication to providing superior solutions for your storage needs.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.25" X 18" X 35"


100 lbs



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