Leica ASP300 S Tissue Processor


Combining proven technology with innovative components, this advanced tissue processor is designed for routine and histopathology labs, accommodating up to 300 cassettes. Enjoy intuitive operation through its user-friendly interface, complete with “smart” features like favorite protocol selection. Extend paraffin service life with the active paraffin cleaning program, while the magnetic stirrer ensures uniform reagent temperature for consistent results.


Elevate Tissue Processing with the Leica ASP300S Tissue Processor

Experience a new level of efficiency and precision in tissue processing with the Leica ASP300S Tissue Processor. Boasting a harmonious fusion of proven technology and reliable components, this advanced instrument is tailor-made for routine and histopathology laboratories, accommodating up to 300 cassettes.

Intuitive Operation and Streamlined Efficiency

Navigate tissue processing with ease using the Leica ASP300S’s intuitive user interface, enriched by a vibrant color touch screen. The innovative “smart” features include a favorite protocol selection option on the SmartScreen, enabling seamless initiation of processing protocols at the press of a button.

Say goodbye to complex procedures as this functionality simplifies the user experience, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Extended Paraffin Service Life

Enjoy prolonged paraffin service life through the active paraffin cleaning program integrated into the ASP 300S. By effectively removing solvent residue from the paraffin, this feature not only ensures optimal performance but also contributes to long-term savings.

Uniform Reagent Temperature with Magnetic Stirring

The Leica ASP300S goes beyond conventional tissue processors with its magnetic stirrer. This ingenious addition facilitates the gentle circulation of reagents, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout and guaranteeing uniform specimen processing. This innovative feature ensures that your results are reproducible and of the highest quality.

Enhanced Safety and Reduced Human Error

Prioritize safety and minimize human error with the ASP300S’s built-in safety features. These safeguards not only prevent reagent cross-contamination but also create a controlled environment where laboratory procedures can be executed confidently.

Tailored Reagent Management System

Unleash the power of customization with the ASP300S’s reagent management system. Whether organizing reagents by days, runs, or cassettes, this system adapts to your specific needs, enhancing convenience and precision in your workflow.

Unparalleled Specimen Quality and Economic Advantage

Elevate the quality of your specimens and optimize laboratory economy through the integrated Reagent Management System. Its capacity to initiate frequently used programs swiftly enhances workflow speed without compromising on quality.

Seamless Compatibility with Consumables

The ASP 300S complements its exceptional performance with a broad spectrum of consumables meticulously designed to cater to your tissue processing requirements. This synergy ensures seamless compatibility and offers a comprehensive solution for your laboratory needs.

Experience Innovation and Excellence

Incorporating innovative features and reliable technology, the ASP 300S stands as a testament to Leica’s commitment to advancing tissue processing capabilities. This instrument is not only an embodiment of efficiency but also an investment in the future of precise histopathology research. Discover unparalleled operational simplicity, specimen quality, and laboratory efficiency with the Leica ASP 300S Tissue Processor.

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ASP300 S



Dimensions (W x D x H)

24" x 27" x 52"


300 lbs



Operator Manual

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