Leica IP S Inkjet Slide Printer

  • Professionally Refurbished
  • 1-Year Warranty
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The Leica IP S imprints slides in only four seconds per imprint when running in serial mode. A resistant ink, specially designed for Leica Biosystems, makes imprints durable to chemical exposure and physical wear. Whether alphanumeric characters or 2D-Datamatrix barcodes, the print resolution is always satisfactory with good legibility. Barcode imprints enable laboratories to track specimen throughout the complete histology workflow. It also permits reliable archiving with quick and accurate case identification. An optional external magazine helps to automate the slide sorting process to avoid specimen mix-ups.


Leica IP S Slide Printer Features

Barcode printed slide

Barcode printed slides with the Leica IP S slide printer used for tracking supports the reduction of human error through automation and traceability.

Barcode printed slide

Ink-jet technology

The Leica IP S slide printer uses a resistant ink that prevails against the chemicals used in your histology laboratory. The imprint on each slide remains readily identifiable throughout the histology process and storage period.

Ink-jet technology

Batch job printing

Batch job printing: 4 sec. per slide (two line printing) Single-slide printing: 10 sec. per slide; for high throughput and optimized workflow.

Batch job printing

Automated unload station

The optional unload station holds up to 110 slides, automating the manual slide sorting process and helping to avoid sequence mix up of printed slides.

LIS integration

Designed to be used as a centralized single-user, or multiple-user PC workstation, where several printers can be connected to one PC.


Cleaning Fluid Cartridge
Ink Cartridge Kit (customer to install upon delivery)
Flash Tube
New Print Head
Magazine for Slides (3x)
Shielding Glass
Wrench, Hex 2.5mm
Null Modem Cable
Cleaning Brush, Large
Unload Trays (Set of 10)
Power Cord
Operator Manual
SlidePro by DetangleIT Software


Compatible Slides

Rankin Basics Microscope Slides for Ink Jet Printer, Charged (Case of 1,440)

Rankin Basics Microscope Slides for Ink Jet Printer, Non-Charged (Case of 1,440)



Operator Manual

Labeler Refurbishment Process

  • Instrument tested
  • Instrument disassembled
  • Faulty or suspicious electronics replaced
  • New print head installed
  • New tubing
  • New flash bulb
  • New ink cartridge
  • New opto sensor
  • Replace faulty or worn down hardware
  • Instrument reassembled
  • Function tested with a minimum of 1 case of cassettes
  • Quality control to OEM, like-new, specifications

Learn more about our refurbishment process here.

Leica Slide Printer Specs

Dimensions 21.5″ W x 25.6″ D x 25.7″ H (without magazine)

35.2″ H (with magazine)

Weight 66 lbs
Printer Drivers Windows™ 10/Vista/7/8 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Print Speed 14 slides/minute; 10 seconds/slide
Ink Cartridge Capacity approx. 60,000 printouts or 3.5 months
Flash Bulb Lifetime approx. 150,000 flashes
Print Resolution 360 x 360 dpi / 180 x 180 dpi, adjustable
Slide Requirements Clipped Corners

Glass specimen slide with coated field

76 x 26 mm, max. 1.2 mm thick



Software Included; SlidePro
LIS Interface Ability Yes
Load Capacity Up to 3 magazines

up to 150 slides per magazine (450 slides max)


Requirements for specimen slides

• To reduce the amount of glass dust and the risk of mechanical failures, use only clipped corner slides (45° angle on each corner)

• Slides to be used in the printers must be stored appropriately in closed containers and protected from dust and moisture.

• Positively charged slides stick to each other so they require special handling to ensure reliable mechanical handling by the instrument.

• When the print job is complete, the printed surface of the slide may be handled immediately. Please be aware, however, that the special ink is alcohol-based and exposure to alcohol in

Only standard specimen slides with printable colored edges can be imprinted in the Leica IP S. Printing directly onto the glass is not possible.


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Dimensions (W x D x H)

19"w x 26"d x 22"h


62 lbs – Basic Instrument 95 lbs – with Optional Unload Station