Rankin Donates Tissue Processor to Beaumont Health System’s Schools of Histotechnology

Left to right: Brent Rankin, Sarah Bajer, Maggie Dennis, Laurie Trent, Peggy Wenk, Hilary Drake, Hlee Vue, Robert Rankin and Corey Hubbard 1-17-14

We’re excited to announce that Rankin Biomedical was able to donate a Rankin-refurbished tissue processor to the William Beaumont School of Histotechnology. Rankin Biomedical is passionate about supporting the cancer diagnostic community and especially an educational organization like the William Beaumont School of Histotechnology. Brent Rankin learned the need for a tissue processor while talking to Peggy Wenk during the NSH symposium/conference in New Jersey last September. The school did not have their own dedicated tissue processor so the students had to walk down the hall to use the hospital’s main lab tissue processor. Now, having their own tissue processor allows them to process tissues on their own schedule and not work around the main lab’s operations. Rankin Biomedical is very happy to show our support by supplying the school with a critical piece of lab equipment.