Histology Equipment

Anatomic pathology relies on the safe and accurate processing of samples in the histology lab. A well-equipped histology lab with high-tech instruments is critical to a fast and accurate cancer diagnosis. Click here if you are looking for equipment for a Mohs lab. A histology lab can consist of any of the following pieces of equipment:

Grossing station, Cassette printer, Tissue processor, Embedding station & cryo plate, Rotary microtome, Tissue float bath, Slide labeler, Slide drying oven, Routine H&E slide stainer, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) slide stainer, Automatic coverslipper, Flammable safety cabinet, Slide storage cabinets

Rankin has been supporting anatomic pathology labs for three decades with new and refurbished equipment to meet their budget. All equipment comes with a warranty, and life-time support from our service team. We set up dozens of new histology labs each year, and support our new labs from choosing the right equipment for their needs, designing the lab space layout, installation, operator training, and applications support. Learn more about our lab setup process here.