Justrite 54 Gallon, Self Close, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Deep Slimline – 895420


Efficiently optimizing storage without compromising safety, the Justrite 54 Gallon Self Close Flammable Cabinet from the Sure-Grip® EX Deep Slimline series is a compact solution designed for space-constrained environments like labs and machine shops. Crafted with sturdy 18-gauge double-wall welded steel and a 1.5-inch insulating air gap, this cabinet ensures fire resistance and durability. The self-closing door with a concealed mechanism opens to 140 degrees, supported by fusible links that prompt automatic closure during fire conditions.


Justrite 54 Gallon, Self Close, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Deep Slimline – 895420

Maximize storage efficiency without sacrificing safety with the Justrite 54 Gallon Self Close Flammable Cabinet, a part of the Sure-Grip® EX Deep Slimline series. Tailored for environments where floor space is at a premium, such as labs, R&D rooms, garages, and machine shops, this Flammable cabinet ingeniously stores flammable liquids while seamlessly aligning with a 60- or 90-gallon cabinet to expand storage capacity. With dimensions of 65 in H x 23.25 in W x 34 in D (1651 mm H x 591 mm W x 864 mm D), this compact yellow Flammable cabinet accommodates 54 gallons (204 L) of flammable liquids.

Constructed from durable 18-gauge double-wall welded steel, this model features a 1.5-inch (38 mm) insulating air gap that enhances fire resistance and reduces air gaps through fully welded, non-riveted construction.

The high-performance self-closing door opens to 140 degrees, underpinned by a concealed self-close mechanism ensuring easy access to shelf space. In fire conditions, the door’s fusible links melt at 165°F (74°C), prompting automatic self-closing for enhanced safety. The self-latching system, equipped with stainless steel bullet slams, ensures secure closure. An innovative U-Loc™ handle, cylinder lock, and key set, and reflective Haz-Alert™ labels bolster security.

Three patented galvanized steel SpillSlope® shelves are adjustable on 3-inch (76 mm) centers, meeting ANSI MH28.1 standards, directing spills to the 2-inch (51 mm) leak-tested sump that meets EPA requirements. Dual vents with flame arresters, four adjustable self-leveling feet, and a built-in grounding connector bolster safety. The lead-free epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish resists chemicals, corrosion, and humidity.

Complying with OSHA, NFPA 30, NFPA 1, and IFC, and endorsed by FM Approvals, this Flammable cabinet embodies excellence. In a realm where errors aren’t an option, the Justrite 895420 is your dependable choice, offering safety and quality in a limited footprint, while adhering to the highest standards in various industries.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.25" x 34" x 65"


262 lbs



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