Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer


With a remarkable high-throughput design processing up to 90 slides per run, advanced staining technology ensuring accuracy, and a user-friendly interface enabling both on-site and remote control, it optimizes efficiency in pathology labs. This stalwart instrument blends innovation with ease of use, consistently producing precise results that enhance patient care quality.


Setting Industry Standards: The Leica Autostainer XL Revolutionizes Routine Staining

Since its introduction, the Leica Autostainer XL has set the gold standard in the histopathology laboratory field, earning the trust of over 2,000 labs worldwide. Its innovative, flexible, and reliable design makes it one of the most successful instruments in its class. Building on the success of its predecessors, this established generation takes routine histological staining to new heights. Notably, the Autostainer XL can be employed for H&E routine staining alone or concurrently with other staining protocols. Users consistently attest to firm tissue section adhesion and exceptionally reproducible staining results. Its intuitive operation ensures efficient daily use, making the Autostainer XL a stalwart ally in the laboratory.

Introducing the Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer: Advancing Histological Analysis

The Leica Autostainer XL H&E Slide Stainer is a pinnacle of medical technology, tailored for pathology labs. Primarily used for the automated staining of tissue samples on slides, it forms a cornerstone of histological analysis.

Efficient High-Throughput Design: Experience the Power

The Autostainer XL Slide Stainer boasts a high-throughput design, capable of processing up to 90 slides per run. This feature accelerates the handling of substantial sample volumes, streamlining processes with remarkable efficiency. Its compact footprint facilitates seamless integration into any pathology lab, optimizing available space.

Precision in Staining Technology: Mastering Consistency

A standout feature is its advanced staining technology, offering precise control over the staining process. This technological advancement ensures uniform and accurate staining of samples, a critical factor in reliable histological analysis. Furthermore, the stainer offers an array of staining protocols, allowing customization to suit specific lab requirements.

User-Friendly Interface and Remote Control: Empowering Efficiency

The Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer boasts a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and control of the staining process. This intuitive interface extends to remote monitoring and control capabilities, freeing lab technicians to focus on other essential tasks during sample processing.

Ease of Use and Durability: Designed with Laboratories in Mind

Ease of use is ingrained in the Autostainer XL’s design. Its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, while its robust construction ensures resilience in the demanding environment of a busy pathology lab.

Elevating Quality of Patient Care: The Autostainer XL’s Impact

The Autostainer XL Slide Stainer is a testimony to the marriage of cutting-edge technology and ease of use, addressing the dynamic needs of modern pathology labs. It empowers lab technicians to work more efficiently and accurately, ultimately elevating the quality of patient care through consistent and precise staining results.

The Leica Autostainer XL Slide Stainer represents the pinnacle of medical equipment for pathology labs, revolutionizing automated tissue sample staining on slides. With a blend of high-throughput design, advanced staining technology, customizable protocols, user-friendly interface, remote control capabilities, and robust construction, it contributes to enhanced efficiency and accuracy in histological analysis, ensuring dependable and accurate staining outcomes that enhance patient care quality.

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XL Autostainer



Dimensions (W x D x H)

43"w x 26"d x 20"h


143 lbs



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