Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer


Experience automation, precision, and user-centric design in one powerful tool. Achieve up to 360 slides per hour throughput, optimize reagent usage with AAT, and enjoy intuitive control with a 10-inch touch screen. From real-time monitoring to sustainability features, DP360 redefines histology.


Introducing the Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer: Revolutionizing Histology

Unlock the future of histological staining with the Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer, a fully automatic intelligent stainer designed to elevate routine histological and cytological staining processes. Offering both stand-alone and online modes in combination with the CS500 glass coverslipper, the DP360 creates an integrated combo workstation that streamlines your workflow.

Automatic Adjusting Technology (AAT): Precise Consistency

At the heart of the DP360 lies the Automatic Adjusting Technology (AAT), a groundbreaking innovation that dynamically adjusts staining times based on the number of stained racks or elapsed time. This proprietary system ensures consistent staining effects while optimizing reagent usage, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Enhanced Staining Quality: Reagent Heating and Robotic Precision

The DP360 H&E Slide Stainer employs a reagent heating system that maintains high staining quality even in low-temperature environments. The system’s robotic arm operates in stand-by mode, ensuring accurate and complete differentiation processes. This combination of features guarantees superior staining results for each slide processed.

Intelligent Management System: Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

Experience real-time tracking and monitoring through the smart color identification system, which tracks reagent statuses with distinct color markers indicating various usage levels. This intuitive color management system empowers operators to monitor the staining process, review historical staining records, and ensure timely reagent replacements.

Efficient Quality Control: Scanning and Consumption Tracking

Quality control data is meticulously auto-recorded and stored for in-depth review, facilitating comprehensive oversight. The DP360’s reagent scanning system accurately identifies and manages reagent quality, while consumption statistics provide essential cost evaluation insights.

High-Throughput Performance: Mechanical Arm and Hydrophobic Rack

Embrace high-throughput efficiency with the mechanical arm capable of handling multiple racks concurrently. The hydrophobic slide rack, designed for optimal staining consistency, ensures every slide receives precise treatment.

Safety and Sustainability: Enclosed Design and Efficient Operations

Safety and environmental consideration take center stage with the DP360’s fully enclosed design. Equipped with a waste gas discharging and exhaust system featuring thickened activated carbon filters, operator safety remains paramount. The DP360’s efficient operations and reagent-saving features align with sustainability goals.

Flexibility in Action: Adaptive Loading and Unloading

The DP360 exhibits remarkable flexibility through adjustable loading and unloading stations. These stations serve as both reagent and buffer points, enhancing adaptability. The machine’s water flashing design and adjustable washing stations exemplify the DP360’s commitment to versatility and operational efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Automation for Histology: Speed and Quality Unleashed

Unleash the potential of fully automatic and intelligent high-speed slide staining with the Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer. With an impressive throughput of up to 360 slides per hour and compatibility with a UPS battery backup, the Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer stands as a powerful tool in your histology laboratory.

Precision Quality Control: Real-Time Monitoring and AAT System

Ensure staining precision with real-time monitoring of slide staining cycles and visual indicators for reagent quality. The Dakewe DP360’s AAT system optimizes stain time based on reagent quality, contributing to consistent results. The system’s automatic temperature management of tempered tanks and oven further solidify its quality control capabilities.

User-Centric Design: Intuitive Interface and User Levels

Embrace the user-friendly experience facilitated by the Dakewe DP360’s intuitive data setting interface and a large 10-inch touch screen. Different user levels—operator, administrator, and developer—cater to diverse user needs. The incorporation of a high-efficiency activated carbon filtration system ensures user safety by protecting against toxic fumes.

Sustainable Operations: Chemical Level Control and Maintenance

The Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer takes sustainability seriously, featuring an activated carbon filtration system that can be changed every three months to ensure optimal performance. The system’s automatic regulation of ventilation based on chemical levels further contributes to efficient and environmentally conscious operations.

Experience the future of histological staining with the Dakewe DP360 H&E Slide Stainer, a sophisticated solution that seamlessly integrates automation, quality control, and user-centric design for enhanced efficiency and precision in your laboratory.

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42" x 27.6" x 24.8"


286.6 lbs



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