Sakura Prisma Slide Stainer


This advanced system revolutionizes efficiency and precision in staining processes. With a high-throughput design processing up to 130 slides per run, it’s an ideal choice for high-volume labs seeking quick turnaround times. The stainer employs advanced staining technology for meticulous control, ensuring consistent and accurate results critical for histological accuracy. Customizable protocols adapt to lab needs, while the user-friendly interface facilitates navigation and remote monitoring. The built-in barcode reader enhances sample tracking accuracy, and the automated washing system optimizes efficiency by eliminating manual washing and drying tasks.


Sakura Prisma Slide Stainer

The Sakura Prisma 6130 Refurbished Slide Stainer is a cutting-edge medical device designed for pathology labs. It is used for the automated staining of tissue samples, which are mounted on slides, for histological analysis. The Prisma 6130 offers a wide range of features that make the staining process as efficient and accurate as possible.

Efficient High-Throughput Design

One of the most notable features of the Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer is its high-throughput design. It can process up to 130 slides per run, allowing for large batches of samples to be processed quickly and efficiently. This makes it ideal for high-volume pathology labs that need to process large numbers of samples in a short amount of time. The small footprint of the stainer also allows for easy integration into a pathology lab.

Precision Staining Technology

The Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer also features advanced staining technology that allows for precise control of the staining process. This ensures that samples are stained consistently and accurately, which is crucial for accurate histological analysis. The stainer includes a variety of pre-programmed staining protocols that can be customized to meet the needs of the lab, and has the ability to create new protocols for specific stains or samples.

User-Friendly Interface and Remote Monitoring

Another important feature of the Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer is its user-friendly interface. It allows for easy navigation and control of the staining process, and also allows for remote monitoring and control of the stainer. This enables lab technicians to focus on other tasks while samples are being processed, which helps to improve the efficiency of the lab.

Barcode Reader and Built-in Washing System

The Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer also has a built-in barcode reader, which can be used to track samples and ensure that they are processed correctly. It also includes a built-in washing system that automatically washes and dries slides, reducing the need for manual washing and drying. This further improves the efficiency of the lab by eliminating the need for manual labor.

High-Throughput Design

The Sakura Prisma 6130 Refurbished Slide Stainer features a remarkable high-throughput design, enabling the processing of up to 130 slides per run. This exceptional capacity empowers pathology labs to efficiently handle large volumes of slides, streamlining workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Advanced Staining Technology

At the core of the Prisma 6130’s capabilities lies advanced staining technology that offers precise control over the staining process. This cutting-edge technology ensures that each sample is stained consistently and accurately, contributing to reliable and high-quality histological analysis results.

Customizable Staining Protocols

The Prisma 6130 Stainer provides the flexibility to tailor staining protocols to specific laboratory needs. Its customizable pre-programmed protocols can be adjusted to match the unique requirements of various staining applications, allowing labs to achieve optimal staining results across a diverse range of samples.

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the staining process is made effortlessly intuitive with the Prisma 6130’s user-friendly interface. This interface simplifies operation and control, enabling users to efficiently manage staining processes with ease. Additionally, the remote control functionality empowers lab technicians to monitor and manage staining remotely, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Enhanced Accuracy with Built-In Barcode Reader

The inclusion of a built-in barcode reader in the Prisma 6130 ensures heightened accuracy in sample tracking and processing. By scanning barcodes, the stainer verifies the correct identification of each sample, minimizing errors and contributing to the integrity of results.

Efficient Built-In Washing System

The Prisma 6130 further enhances operational efficiency through its automated built-in washing system. This system takes care of the washing and drying of slides, reducing the need for manual intervention. As a result, lab technicians can dedicate more time to other critical tasks, optimizing overall laboratory productivity.

With its remarkable high-throughput design, advanced staining technology, customizable protocols, user-friendly interface, built-in barcode reader, and automated washing system, the Sakura Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer sets new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and user convenience in histological analysis.

Summary of Excellence

In summary, the Sakura Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer is a state-of-the-art medical device designed for pathology labs. It features a high-throughput design, advanced staining technology, customizable pre-programmed staining protocols, user-friendly interface, remote monitoring and control, built-in barcode reader, built-in washing system, and durable materials. It helps lab technicians to work more efficiently and accurately, improving the quality of patient care by providing consistent and accurate staining results.

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Prisma 6130



Dimensions (W x D x H)

49.3"w x 28"d x 24.8"h (125×71.3x63cm)


330 lbs (150 kg)



Operator Manual

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