Rushabh HistoPro 414 MOHS H&E Linear Slide Stainer


Nestled within an easy-to-use and compact framework, the HistoPro 414 redefines the concept of cost-conscious staining without compromising the integrity of staining quality. Versatile in its capabilities, this stainer emerges as a formidable ally, excelling in applications ranging from Mohs techniques and special stains to general surgical pathology frozen sections, making it an indispensable asset within diverse laboratory settings.


Effortless Precision with the Rushabh HistoPro 414 MOHS H&E Linear Slide Stainer

Introducing the Rushabh HistoPro 414 MOHS H&E Linear Slide Stainer, a powerhouse of consistent staining designed to streamline your laboratory workflow. Crafted within an easy-to-use, compact framework, the HistoPro 414 redefines cost-conscious staining without compromising on quality. Perfectly suited for Mohs techniques, special stains, and general surgical pathology frozen sections, this stainer is a versatile addition to any laboratory setting.

Features and Benefits

Seamless Integration with Cryostats

The HistoPro 414 seamlessly fits atop most cryostats, seamlessly integrating into your existing setup. This intelligent design promotes space efficiency and ergonomic harmony within your laboratory.

Stain Up to 4 Slides Simultaneously

Experience efficiency at its finest with the HistoPro 414, capable of accommodating up to 4 slides at once per slide carrier. This feature maximizes throughput, ensuring your laboratory keeps pace with demand.

Continuous Loading for Uninterrupted Workflow

In a fast-paced laboratory environment, continuous loading is a necessity. The HistoPro 414 understands this need and features a continuous loading function that ensures your workflow remains uninterrupted, even during high-demand periods.

Precise Programmable Timing

Customize your staining experience with precision. The HistoPro 414 offers programmable station timing ranging from 2 to 300 seconds, allowing you to tailor each staining step to your specific requirements.

Comprehensive Reagent Stations

With 14 reagent stations at your disposal, including 3 dedicated running rinse water stations, the HistoPro 414 ensures comprehensive staining capabilities. This versatility extends to the holding station, accommodating up to 16 processed slides.

Efficient Reagent Usage

Optimize your resources with the HistoPro 414’s efficient reagent usage. With only 50 ml per reagent container, you achieve high-quality staining without unnecessary wastage.

Unparalleled Throughput

Elevate your productivity to new heights. The HistoPro 414 offers the potential to process up to 900 slides per hour at a swift 10-second station time, making it a steadfast companion for labs seeking peak efficiency.

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Rest assured in the stainer’s quality and craftsmanship, as the HistoPro 414 is both designed and manufactured in the USA, adhering to the highest standards of excellence.


Within the heart of the Rushabh HistoPro 414 MOHS H&E Linear Slide Stainer lies a remarkable capacity that amplifies your laboratory efficiency and streamlines your staining process. With an impressive array of 14 stations, this stainer takes on the challenge of managing each step with precision and finesse. The slide carrier capacity stands as a testament to its ability to handle multiple slides concurrently, accommodating up to 4 slides per carrier.

Flexibility reigns supreme as the HistoPro 414 grants you the power to configure the rinse stations according to your needs, offering up to 3 user-defined rinse stations that align seamlessly with your experimental requirements. The processed slide holding tank, a feature of undeniable practicality, can host a substantial capacity of up to 16 slides across 4 slide carriers. Moreover, the reagent container volume stands at a pragmatic 50 ml, striking a balance between optimal staining results and efficient resource utilization. This capacity-driven design transforms the HistoPro 414 into a workhorse of productivity, promising to enhance the output of your laboratory operations.

User Interface

Navigating the world of staining has never been as user-friendly as it is with the Rushabh HistoPro 414. The stainer’s user interface opens a gateway to seamless control and customization, putting you in command of your staining process. The display, a 2-line by 16-character LCD display, acts as your window into the stainer’s operations, providing you with real-time insights and data to guide your choices. The station time, a pivotal factor in achieving the desired staining outcomes, is programmable within the range of 2 to 300 seconds, granting you unparalleled control over the staining process’s timing.

One of the standout features of the user interface is the agitation selection, which allows you to define the number of dips every 30 seconds, further refining the precision of your staining process. This user-centric interface places the power of customization at your fingertips, enhancing your laboratory’s ability to tailor staining procedures to your unique experimental requirements. The intuitive design and programmable options culminate in an interface that amplifies your efficiency and empowers your laboratory personnel to achieve consistent, high-quality results with ease.

In a world where precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are paramount, the Rushabh HistoPro 414 MOHS H&E Linear Slide Stainer stands as a beacon of excellence. Its adaptable features, seamless integration, and robust design ensure that your staining processes transcend expectations, while its impressive throughput and customizable controls empower your laboratory with unparalleled efficiency. Experience the future of slide staining with the HistoPro 414, where innovation and functionality converge to redefine your laboratory experience.

Additional information



HistoPro 414



Dimensions (W x D x H)

25" x 8.5" x 11"


27 lbs



Operator Manual

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