Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer


Seamlessly automate your MOHS lab’s staining process with this dependable and efficient linear stainer. Designed to fit atop cryostats, it features 14 staining stations, each taking only 20 seconds, with under five minutes of total staining time. Its compatibility with color-coded Epredia Cryochrome slides ensures precision. The machine operates with a reliable motor and chain mechanism, while the non-adjustable 15-second programming simplifies usage. Loaded with convenience and reliability, the Epredia Linistat Stainer transforms staining into art. Embrace the future of staining with confidence and redefine excellence in your lab.


Elevating Staining Precision: Introducing the Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer

Prepare to enter a realm where staining precision meets efficiency, where every slide becomes a canvas for excellence. The Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer is not just a machine; it’s a symphony of dependability and innovation that reshapes the art of staining in your MOHS lab.

Efficiency Meets Dependability: Linistat Linear Stainer Features

Embrace a dependable and economical way to automate staining in your MOHS lab with the Epredia Linistat Linear Stainer. This ingeniously designed machine employs a conveyor system, ensuring that your slides are consistently prepared with precision and uniformity. With an efficient footprint that seamlessly fits on top of most cryostats, this stainer becomes an integral part of your frozen sectioning workflow.

The stainer boasts 14 staining stations, each with a rapid 20-second cycle, complemented by running water and a collection tank with a 13-slide capacity. With a staining time of under five minutes, efficiency becomes your hallmark. And when the situation demands, this versatile linear MOHS H&E slide stainer can also be used for hand-staining, ensuring you always have the flexibility you need.

A Spectrum of Excellence: Compatibility and Color-Coding

The Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Stainer is not just a machine; it’s a commitment to precision. Its color-coded slide clips perfectly correspond to Epredia Cryochrome colored slides and the colored frozen section embedding media. This thoughtful design ensures that your workflow is streamlined and that every slide aligns with your desired specifications.

Unveiling the Specifications: Dimensions and Electrical Requirements

Precision extends to specifications, and the Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer is no exception. With a slide capacity of 13, its height stands at 27 cm, and it weighs 7.3 kg, merging compactness with capability. Its electrical requirements are adaptable, catering to 110/120V at 60 Hz or 220/240V at 50 Hz, ensuring compatibility with your lab’s power supply.

Engineering Reliability: The Mechanism and Programming

The Epredia Linistat linear MOHS H&E slide stainer operates with a simple yet robust motor and chain mechanism. This design has proven its reliability, ensuring that every staining process is executed with precision. The programming is intentionally non-adjustable, providing a consistent 15 seconds in each station.

Every microscope slide is meticulously loaded on one slide clip, continuously progressing through the staining process. An out-of-the-box, plug-and-play approach is facilitated by the manufacturer-recommended protocol provided in the operator manual, enabling you to achieve excellence from the very first use.

Crafting Excellence: Your Pathway to Precision

The Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer transcends being a mere machine; it’s a portal to an era of unparalleled precision and efficiency. It empowers you to elevate your staining process, reshaping the definition of excellence within your MOHS lab. As each slide emerges impeccably stained, you’ll not only witness but actively partake in the metamorphosis of a mere process into an artistic endeavor. Embark on a journey into the future of staining, embracing the harmonious convergence of unwavering dependability and cutting-edge innovation that the Epredia Linistat Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer presents. In this instrument, you’ll find not only a tool but a transformative experience that elevates your lab’s capabilities to new heights.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

25" x 6.25" x 18.4"


16.3 lbs



Operator Manual

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