Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer


Bid farewell to time-consuming batch staining methods as this stainer features a continuous-feed loading platform, eliminating wastage and streamlining your workflow. With precision pumps ensuring accurate reagent delivery, a uniform platen for consistent staining, and adaptable controls for intensity, each slide receives the treatment it deserves. Immediate viewing post-staining and optimized drying further expedite your processes, while agitation capabilities fine-tune stain results. Staining 60 slides per hour, this stainer maximizes productivity without compromising quality.

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Unleash Efficiency with the Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer

Welcome to the future of slide staining! The Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer redefines staining protocols with its innovative design and cutting-edge features. Say goodbye to wasted time associated with traditional batch staining methods – this stainer boasts a continuous-feed loading platform that ensures a streamlined workflow, reducing duplicated work and expediting your laboratory processes.

Precision Staining, Every Time

Equipped with precision pumps, the Siemens Hematek 2000 delivers fresh reagents in precise volumes for each stain. This ensures consistency and accuracy, leaving no room for compromise in your staining results. The platen within the stainer guarantees uniform staining from field-to-field and slide to slide. What’s more, the stainer incorporates impeccable stain and buffer mixing, ensuring that each slide receives the treatment it deserves – accurately and uniformly.

Immediate Results, Optimal Viewing

Time is of the essence in the laboratory, and the Hematek 2000 doesn’t disappoint. Slides are made available for immediate viewing right after the staining process is complete. The rinse reagent even contains an optimal alcohol concentration, ensuring that your slides are primed for proper and efficient drying. Your precious samples transition seamlessly from the staining process to the viewing stage.

Customizable Staining Intensity

Variation in staining intensity is no longer a challenge. The Hematek 2000 is equipped with intuitive dials on the front panel, offering a wide range of stain intensity options to suit your unique preferences and specific requirements. This adaptability empowers you to tailor the staining process to your individual needs, enhancing your control over experimental outcomes.

Simplicity Meets Maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a headache. The Hematek 2000 boasts a user-friendly design that’s simple to maintain, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your laboratory remains productive. Its programmable cycle control allows you to define staining sequences with ease, further enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

Optimize with Agitation

Achieving optimal staining results has never been more accessible. With agitation capabilities, the Hematek 2000 enables stain optimization, ensuring that your samples receive the perfect treatment for accurate and reliable staining outcomes. This feature underscores the stainer’s commitment to precision and excellence.

Experience Varied Intensity Control

Flexibility is key, and the Hematek 2000 understands that. Controls for varying stain intensity are at your fingertips, granting you the authority to tailor staining outcomes according to the unique characteristics of your samples.

Results When You Need Them

In today’s fast-paced laboratory environment, quick and reliable results are non-negotiable. The Siemens Hematek 2000 lives up to this demand by making stain results readily available for viewing immediately after the process concludes. No more waiting around – your experiments move forward without unnecessary delays.

Boost Productivity: Stain 60 Slides Per Hour

Time efficiency is at the heart of the Hematek 2000’s design. With the capacity to stain an impressive 60 slides per hour, this stainer elevates your productivity, ensuring that your experiments progress at an optimal pace without compromising on the quality of your results.

In summary, the Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer is a revolutionary addition to your laboratory toolkit. Its continuous-feed loading platform eliminates wasted time, while its precision staining, customizable controls, and rapid results make it an essential asset for any research environment. Experience the future of staining with the Hematek 2000 – where efficiency, precision, and ease of use converge to redefine your laboratory experience.

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Hematek 2000 (4488C)



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17"w x 19"d x 8"h


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