Leica ST5020 H&E Slide Stainer


From routine to specialized stains, its CodeRack technology minimizes errors by automatically identifying and initiating the correct protocols. The user-friendly interface, multiple bath layout, and fume containment prioritize safety and workflow optimization. With an integrated reagent management system ensuring consistent quality, and the option of a refurbished unit guaranteeing reliability, the Leica ST5020 redefines histological staining for exceptional results and laboratory efficiency.

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Revolutionizing Staining Precision: Leica ST5020 Multistainer

The Leica Multistainer ST5020 sets the gold standard in histological staining. Its versatility spans routine and specialized stains, executing single or multiple protocols concurrently. With the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper, this dynamic duo becomes an advanced stainer-coverslipper workstation, merging adaptability with process safety for optimized laboratory efficiency.

Seamless Process Execution with CodeRack Technology

User errors take a back seat with the CodeRack technology, a key feature that distinguishes the Leica ST5020. This intelligent system identifies the desired stain protocol for individual racks and initiates the accurate process automatically. Experience a seamless, error-minimized workflow with this groundbreaking technology.

Empowering User-Friendly Interface

Embrace operational safety through the Smart Graphical User Interface, equipped with a color TFT touch-screen. Its intuitive software visualization, multilingual capabilities, and context-sensitive online help ensure effortless programming. The flexibility is further heightened by the multiple bath layout, including up to 40 stations, up to 6 wash stations, and up to 4 ovens/slide drying stations.

Enhanced Safety and Fume Containment

The Leica ST5020 prioritizes user safety and comfort. The load and unload drawers accommodate up to 120 slides, reducing fume exposure. The built-in self-contained fume containment utilizes an activated charcoal filter, requiring replacement every 3-6 months based on usage, further ensuring a safe environment for laboratory staff.

Consistency and Quality Assured

Achieve impeccable staining quality with the Leica ST5020’s reagent management system (RMS). This system monitors reagent expiration, rotation, and stain quality, reducing disruptions and delays associated with reagent changes. With validated Leica Biosystems reagents and protocols, the RMS ensures consistent, superior staining and coverslipping quality.

Refurbished Excellence: Our Commitment to Quality

When you opt for a refurbished Leica ST5020 slide stainer, you’re choosing reliability and quality. Our meticulous refurbishment process involves replacing various components, including acrylic lids, drive cables, o-rings, and more. We conduct thorough testing and quality control to ensure each stainer functions at OEM specifications, granting your histology lab years of dependable service.

In essence, the Leica Multistainer ST5020 is a game-changer, offering unmatched staining precision, safety, and user-friendly efficiency for histopathology laboratories.

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Multistainer ST5020


Dimensions (W x D x H)

42" x 30" x 21"


198 lbs




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