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Leica ST5020 Stainer/TS5025 Transfer Station/CV5030 Coverslipper Workstation

The Leica ST5020 Stainer/TS5025 Transfer Station/CV5030 Coverslipper Workstation is a bench-top automated system designed for high throughput. At least 12 slide racks holding 30 slides each can be processed simultaneously. Continuous rack loading/unloading using up to 4 load/unload stations without opening the instrument lid. Of 36 reagent vessels, a maximum of 6 can be used as water baths with one of these having a separate connection, e.g. for distilled water.

With the Leica ST5020 Stainer/TS5025 Transfer Station/CV5030 Coverslipper Workstation several staining programs can be run simultaneously, and the reagent management feature automatically monitors the usage of reagent cleanliness to provide optimum staining results. Color-coded slide rack clips (transponder) allow fully automatic staining while a status table displays all active stainings. Any overfill of the waste-water tray triggers an audible alarm and automatic closure of the supply water valve. An integrated suction/fume control system with an activated carbon filter reduces user exposure to hazardous fumes.

The Leica Multistainer is programmed via a solvent-resistant color touch screen and can be connected to a remote alarm system. An intelligent multi-language user interface combined with a graphical program display allows the operator to quickly become familiar with the instrument while ease-of-use is supported further by on-line help covering each individual menu step. Data is saved and loaded via a memory card with a permanent memory for up to 25 programs of 40 steps each. Additional features include selectable incubation periods from 1 s up to 1 h and adjustable specimen agitation (number, speed and amplitude of agitation movements).

Additional options available include a connection to the Leica CV5030 coverslipper for automated coverslipping directly after staining, vessel inserts with reduced reagent volume and small slide racks for special stainings, one oven modules of 2 ovens each for de-paraffining (max. 70 °C) and heatable reagent vessels (up to 70 °C).

The Leica TS5025 Transfer Station interfaces the Leica Autostainer XL ST5020 with the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper to form a truly automated, “walk-away” solution for automatic staining and coverslipping to significantly reduce hands-on time in the laboratory.

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Nominal supply voltages are 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz