Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Film 4740 Slide Stainer Film Coverslipper Workstation


Discover the pinnacle of laboratory innovation with the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Film 4740 Slide Stainer Film Coverslipper Workstation. Experience unmatched efficiency as it handles up to 1,080 slides per hour, delivering impeccable quality through rapid drying. Smart features ensure seamless operations, while integration with Prisma® Plus streamlines workflow. Validated compatibility, superior preservation, and error reduction redefine accuracy. Accompanied by the renowned Prisma 6130 Slide Stainer, boasting flexibility and efficiency, this duo promises to elevate laboratory efficiency and precision.


Introducing the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Film 4740 Slide Stainer Film Coverslipper Workstation

Revolutionizing Laboratory Workflow with Unparalleled Precision and Efficiency

In the world of advanced laboratory solutions, the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Film 4740 Slide Stainer Film Coverslipper Workstation stands as a true beacon of innovation. With an unbroken legacy of excellence spanning over three decades and more than three billion slides covered, this cutting-edge workstation redefines the art of film coverslipping.

Unmatched Throughput and Quality

Experience a quantum leap in efficiency with the Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper. Boasting an astonishing capacity of up to 1,080 slides per hour, this workstation eliminates the prolonged waiting times associated with traditional coverslipping methods. Thanks to its rapid drying technology, pathologists receive impeccable, high-quality slides faster than ever before.

Smartly Engineered Features

The Film Coverslipper seamlessly merges advanced technology with intuitive design. Integrated features intelligently alert users to low solvent or Coverslipping Film levels, ensuring ongoing processes are completed before supplies are depleted. This minimizes disruptions and optimizes workflow efficiency, maintaining a seamless operation.

Enhanced Workflow with Prisma® Plus

Operate the Film Coverslipper in standalone mode or seamlessly integrate it with the Prisma® Plus stainer. With an unload carousel accommodating up to 240 slides, workflow becomes streamlined, reducing the need for frequent unloading of smaller batches. Create a harmonized, fully automated workflow from slide baking to drying by connecting the Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper to the Prisma® Plus stainer.

Certified Compatibility and Superior Preservation

The Coverslipping Film has garnered validation for compatibility with the Hologic® Thin Prep® Stain Plus Imaging System. Notably, it outpaces traditional glass coverslips by scanning 3.7% faster, making it an optimal choice for slide scanning and digital imaging. Research also demonstrates that slides coverslipped with the Film exhibit fewer artifacts even after a decade of storage, surpassing glass coverslipped slides in preservation.

Elevating Accuracy and Reducing Errors

The synergy between the Prisma® Plus and the Film® Coverslipper showcases an impressive reduction in scanning errors across more than 800,000 slides. This union exemplifies heightened accuracy and productivity in the realm of digital pathology. Embark on a new era of coverslipping precision, efficiency, and connectivity with the Tissue-Tek Film® 4740 Automated Coverslipper, embodying Sakura’s commitment to pioneering laboratory solutions.

Sakura Prisma Slide Stainer

The Prisma® 6130 Automated Slide Stainer sets the standard for productivity and turnaround time improvement. Its flexibility offers a wide array of configurations for both routine and special staining. The standard configuration features 30 reagent positions and 60 slides per run, while an expanded option provides 52 positions and 20 slides per run. Continuous loading and unloading capabilities ensure an efficient workflow, making Prisma a hallmark of innovation.

Elevate Your Laboratory Workflow Today

Experience the future of precision and efficiency with the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Film 4740 Slide Stainer Film Coverslipper Workstation. Redefine what’s possible in your laboratory.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


Prisma 6130 & Film 4740



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Prisma 6130: 28" x 49.3" x 24.8"
Film 4740: 23" x 28" x 27"


Prisma 6130: 330 lbs
Film 4740: 165 lbs



Operator Manual

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