Rankin Refurbishing

Rankin Refurbishing


Every instrument undergoes a systemized, rigorous, down-to-the-frame refurbishment process to rebuild each instrument to its original specifications and intended use.

favicon_bulletpoint Instrument decontaminated
favicon_bulletpoint Preliminary inspection of functionality
favicon_bulletpoint Instrument disassembled down to the frame

Aesthetic Restoration (extent of restoration is performed on a case by case basis at Rankin’s discretion and can include the following processes)
favicon_bulletpoint Panels, chassis and internal surfaces stripped and prepped for painting
favicon_bulletpoint Prepared surfaces primed and painted with industrial-quality, chemical-resistant paint. VIDEO
favicon_bulletpoint Labels replaced to original appearance

Refurbishment & Reassembly
favicon_bulletpoint Mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic assemblies disassembled, cleaned, restored, and reassembled
favicon_bulletpoint Worn assemblies, components and parts replaced with new assemblies, components and parts where needed
favicon_bulletpoint New components and parts can include pumps, motors, heaters, cables, belts, O-rings, diaphragms, gaskets, tubing, touch-pads, bottles, casters, doors, lids, fittings, valves, and other parts
favicon_bulletpoint Instrument reassembled to its original condition in accordance to OEM specifications

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
favicon_bulletpoint Assemblies function tested and adjusted for proper operation
favicon_bulletpoint Full system diagnostic testing conducted

Performance Validation
favicon_bulletpoint System tested for electrical safety
favicon_bulletpoint System successfully calibrated with certified materials to ensure proper functionality
favicon_bulletpoint Quality Control testing conducted on established parameters using certified tools and control material