General Data FWS-L Smart Waterbaths – Tissue Flotation Workstaion


With a wide temperature range of -30°C to 150°C, this bath offers precise and consistent control, safeguarded by over-temperature, over-current, and power-off protections. Its user-friendly design, including an intuitive LCD display and compact build, complements features like high-precision temperature control, built-in circulation, and energy-saving standby mode. Elevate your temperature-sensitive applications with the reliable and efficient FWS-L Flotation Bath, equipped with optional accessories to suit your specific needs.

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General Data Flotation Work Station FWS-L

Elevate your temperature control with the cutting-edge General Data Flotation Bath FWS-L, a versatile solution primed for precise and consistent performance across diverse applications. Tailored for laboratories, research centers, and industrial facilities demanding accurate temperature regulation, this bath stands as a pinnacle of technological excellence.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

Equipped with a spacious LCD display, the FWS-L Flotation Bath empowers you to monitor real-time temperature fluctuations of your samples or applications. Effortless digital controls facilitate easy temperature setting within a broad range from -30°C to 150°C, catering to a myriad of needs.

Safety at the Forefront W

ith an arsenal of safety features including over-temperature, over-current, and power-off protections, the FWS-L ensures that your samples remain safeguarded from potential damage or overheating. Your work is underpinned by a secure foundation, allowing you to focus on precision.

Designed for Convenience

Engineered with user convenience in mind, the FWS-L boasts a removable tank for seamless cleaning and a built-in drain for effortless emptying. Its compact design optimizes storage and transport, accommodating the dynamic demands of various settings with ease.

Precision Redefined

Beyond its impressive temperature range and safety attributes, the FWS-L Flotation Bath proudly showcases its high-precision temperature control system, guaranteeing accuracy up to 0.1°C. Such meticulous control ensures that your results remain dependable, upholding the integrity of your work.

Uniform Temperature Distribution

With a built-in circulating pump, the FWS-L maintains a consistent temperature throughout its bath, ensuring uniformity across your samples or applications. This dynamic circulation extends to the entire bath, rather than being confined to the surface alone.

Sustainability in Design

Setting new standards for energy efficiency, the FWS-L features a standby function that reduces power consumption during periods of inactivity. This commitment to sustainability not only conserves energy but also reflects the bath’s environmentally conscious design.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendliness is a hallmark of this float bath’s design. Its expansive LCD display and intuitive controls empower you to effortlessly set and monitor the temperature of your samples or applications. Furthermore, its compact structure simplifies storage and transport, adapting seamlessly to your needs.

Comprehensive Solution

The General Data FWS-L Flotation Bath is an all-encompassing solution that promises dependable temperature control. Its extensive temperature range, meticulous control, built-in circulation, and sustainable design coalesce into an ideal choice for various applications. Whether for research, industrial applications, or beyond, the FWS-L Flotation Bath is the epitome of reliable and efficient temperature control.

Optional Accessories:

Enhance your experience with optional accessories, including the Front Slide Drying Rack (FDR-FL) and Side Slide Drying Rack (SDR-FL). These accessories complement the FWS-L’s functionality, further adapting it to your unique needs.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

15" x 18.75" x 5.25"


11 lbs



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