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Designed to enhance workflow and optimize ribbon flotation, these water baths offer precision, efficiency, and adaptability. Advanced microprocessor controls ensure temperature precision, while the LED light array minimizes glare for accurate analysis. The black bottom basin provides high contrast and user-friendly features like removable glass dishes for easy access and cleaning. With technology integration for dependable performance, TFB™ Smart Waterbaths offer excellence in histology lab practices.


Enhance Your Histology Lab Slide Preparation with TFB™ Smart Waterbaths – Tissue Flotation Workstations

Experience precision, efficiency, and ease in histology lab slide preparation with the TFB™ Smart Waterbaths – Tissue Flotation Workstations. Tailored to meet the diverse demands of modern laboratories, these smart waterbaths offer an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your workflow and optimize ribbon flotation and pickup.

The Perfect Fit: Choose Your Size

With the TFB™ Smart Waterbaths, Tissue Flotation Workstations leave customization at your fingertips. Choose the size that aligns with your laboratory’s requirements. The TFB-S, with its small footprint, is an ideal solution for compact workspaces. Its 8”x8” deep-dish design facilitates efficient ribbon floating and pickup. On the other hand, the FWS-L boasts a larger 8”x11” glass dish, accommodating larger samples with ease.

Temperature Precision: Microprocessor-Controlled Excellence

At the core of TFB™ Smart Waterbaths lies advanced digital microprocessor controls that ensure unparalleled temperature protection. These microprocessors guarantee precise temperature control, mitigating the risk of tissue imperfections such as cracking and layer separation during the flotation process.

Illuminating Excellence: LED Light Array

The strategic placement of the LED light array on the side of the glass dish offers maximum illumination with minimal glare, ensuring that ribbons are meticulously highlighted for accurate analysis.

Clarity Through Contrast: High-Contrast Design

The Tissue Flotation Workstations’ black bottom basin delivers the high contrast necessary for swift and effortless specimen identification. Quickly identifying specimens becomes a seamless task, enhancing efficiency and productivity in your lab.

Ease of Access and Cleaning: Removable Glass Dishes

Designed for user convenience, the removable glass dishes not only facilitate easy access to all surfaces but also provide chemical resistance, standing up to frequent cleaning without compromise.

Beyond Efficiency: Elevating Slide Preparation

The TFB™ Smart Waterbaths transform slide preparation into an efficient, safe, and reliable process. The integration of technology and electronics ensures dependable performance, while the microprocessor-based temperature controller and high-resolution digital display offer precise temperature monitoring and control.

Unleash the Smart Advantage

Experience the smart advantage with TFB™ Smart Waterbaths – Tissue Flotation Workstations. From temperature control and LED illumination to removable glass dishes, these waterbaths provide a comprehensive solution to your slide preparation needs. Available in varying sizes and equipped with a range of accessories, they adapt to your unique laboratory requirements, ensuring that each step of your workflow is optimized for excellence.

Technical Specifications

The TFB™ Smart Waterbaths – Tissue Flotation Workstations come equipped with a range of technical specifications that ensure optimal performance. The temperature range spans from ambient to 100°C, catering to various processing needs. Temperature control is managed by a microprocessor-based temperature controller boasting a high-resolution digital display, ensuring precise monitoring and adjustment. The tank material is composed of transparent acrylic, offering visibility of the contents while they’re being processed. The heating plate is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring efficient and even heat distribution for reliable results.

With an adjustable sample capacity, the water baths can accommodate a variety of sample sizes, adding versatility to your lab processes. The built-in stirrer serves to maintain homogeneity and prevent sample settling, contributing to consistent outcomes. Safety is paramount, thanks to features such as the over-temperature protection system, built-in thermostat, and safety cut-off switch. The power supply requirement is 120V at 60Hz, with a power consumption of 500W for efficient operation. The heat-up time of approximately 20 minutes to reach 100°C ensures rapid readiness for processing tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency and overall lab productivity.

Elevate your histology lab practices with the precision and efficiency of TFB™ Smart Waterbaths, where cutting-edge technology meets user-centric design.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

11.75" x 18.75" x 5.25"


11 lbs



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