Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath, 14792


This black ceramic-coated basin features edges that double as a convenient drying surface for processed microscope slides, ensuring wrinkle-free tissue sections. With analog control, rapid heat-up, and versatile accessories like the dust cover and thermometer holder, this instrument seamlessly integrates into histopathology laboratories. Backed by a 2-year warranty and made in the USA, it offers a durable and efficient solution to streamline tissue preparation processes and improve overall histological research quality.


Enhance Histology Procedures with the Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath (Model 14792)

Efficient Slide Drying and Improved Visibility

The Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath, 14792, offers an array of features that optimize the preparation of paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Its black ceramic-coated basin is designed with edges that double as a convenient drying surface for processed microscope slides. This innovation saves time and ensures smooth, distortion-free tissue preparation. The bath’s unique surface also enhances visibility, making it easier to observe tissue sections during the process.

Practical Design and Versatile Accessories

Equipped with analog control, an on/off switch, a pilot light, and a thermostat, this round tissue flotation bath puts control at your fingertips. Its rapid heat-up capability expedites procedures, while the supplied dust cover, thermometer holder, and non-skid rubber feet contribute to a tidy and safe workspace. This cost-effective solution stands out with its durability, ease of maintenance, and swift heating.

Seamless Integration into Histology Workflows

Histology laboratories specializing in the microscopic study of cells and tissues of plants and animals can benefit from the Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath. This instrument complements histopathology workflows by eliminating wrinkles and distortion during the paraffin embedding process. Furthermore, its large water bath rim provides a suitable surface for placing microscope slides, enhancing the overall efficiency of the preparation process.

A Glimpse into Histology Laboratories

Histology laboratories play a crucial role in the microscopic examination of cells and tissues from various biological sources. This field includes histopathology laboratories focused on studying diseased tissues. These labs rely on specialized equipment to preserve and prepare samples for microscopic analysis, following a routine that involves grossing and fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning, staining, viewing, and storing. The Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath is designed to seamlessly integrate into these workflows, contributing to accurate and efficient histology procedures.

Guaranteed Quality and Made in the USA

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath offers a dependable solution for histology laboratories. Its rugged construction, easy maintenance, and efficient operation ensure a reliable tool for preparing paraffin-embedded tissue sections. With a commitment to quality, this instrument contributes to the advancement of histological research and diagnostic processes. Made in the USA, it embodies the principles of precision and innovation that are characteristic of Boekel Scientific’s products.

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7 lbs



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