Leica RM2025 Microtome


This exceptional instrument from the renowned 2000 series seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with classic craftsmanship, delivering unparalleled sectioning outcomes. Its compatibility with 2000 series accessories enhances versatility, while accommodating both disposable blades and standard knives ensures consistently impeccable sections. Technical mastery shines through with features like a cutting range from 0.5 to 100 micrometers, joystick control, and a spring-loaded knife holder. Elevate your sectioning capabilities and embrace excellence with the Leica RM2025 Microtome.


Precision Paraffin Sectioning Perfected: Introducing the Leica RM2025 Microtome

Unveiling Excellence in Routine Paraffin Sectioning Experience unparalleled routine paraffin sectioning results with the RM2025 —a distinguished member of the esteemed 2000 series. This microtome not only delivers exceptional sectioning outcomes but also encapsulates the timeless Leica sectioning feel, combining cutting-edge technology with a touch of classic artistry.

Seamless Compatibility with 2000 Series Accessories Designed for convenience and versatility, the RM2025 seamlessly integrates with accessories from the 2000 series. This compatibility opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to enhance your microtome setup with a range of accessories tailored to your needs.

Consistently Perfect Sections: A Hallmark of Excellence In the realm of microtomes, perfection is the norm with the RM2025. Equipped to accommodate both disposable blades and standard knives, this microtome ensures that each section you produce maintains a consistently high level of quality, meeting the rigorous demands of histology with utmost precision.

Engineering Excellence for Unsurpassed Stability The RM2025 stands on a foundation of engineering excellence. Its maintenance-free cross roller bearing slideways guarantee enduring stability, ensuring smooth and precise sectioning throughout its long service life. The security handwheel, lockable in any position, offers unparalleled control, while the integrated waste tray enhances cleanliness in your workspace.

Technical Mastery: Specifications at a Glance Delve into the technical prowess of the Leica RM2025:

The RM2025 Microtome boasts an impressive array of features that ensure precision and reliability in every section. With a cutting range spanning from 0.5 to 100 micrometers and a joystick control offering cutting thickness adjustment, this piece of equipment guarantees accuracy. Its rotary microtome head facilitates smooth operations, while the spring-loaded knife holder allows easy interchangeability between glass, diamond, and other materials.

Despite its powerful capabilities, this instrument maintains a small and compact footprint. Safety is prioritized with a blade guard and an emergency stop button, while the maintenance-free drive system ensures a long service life. With a power supply range of 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, the RM2025 is ready to empower your histology lab with unmatched precision.

A Comprehensive Package:

The Leica RM2025 offers more than just a piece of equipment; it provides a complete and all-encompassing solution. With your investment in this microtome, you receive a package that includes all the essential components required for seamless operation, such as the body, rotary head, knife holder, glass knife, diamond knife, power cord, user manual, and calibration certificate. This comprehensive package ensures that you have everything you need to start using the Leica RM2025 immediately and make the most out of its advanced features.

Elevate your histology laboratory’s sectioning capabilities with the Leica RM2025 . It’s not just a microtome; it’s a precision instrument that encapsulates innovation, reliability, and the timeless Leica commitment to excellence. From routine paraffin sectioning to exceptional results, the RM2025 is your partner in delivering top-tier quality.



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