Leica RM2025 Microtome

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Leica RM2025 Microtome

The Leica RM2025 Microtome is within the 2000 series and provides excellent routine paraffin sectioning results along with the classic Leica sectioning feel. Accessories of the 2000 series are also compatible with the RM2025 Microtome. This microtome produces consistently perfect sections when using disposable blades as well as standard knifes.

The RM2025 Microtome has maintenance-free cross roller bearing slideways, a security handwheel that can be locked in any position, and a waste tray.

Arm rests are no longer available for this model.

The RM2025 microtome comes with:

Disposable blade holder

Hex “L” key set

Large brush

Small brush

Microtome oil

10 pk sample of high-quality disposable blades