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Leica RM2265 Microtome

The Leica RM2265 microtome is the top-of-the-line fully motorized and programmable rotary microtome designed primarily to satisfy the requirements of biomedical research sectioning of hard to semi-soft materials and customers needing to section industrial materials for quality assurance and materials defects analysis.

The Leica RM2265 microtome is primarily designed for motorized sectioning, but is also suitable for manual sectioning applications. The Leica RM2265 microtome is also the instrument of choice for sectioning at ultra-low temperatures (-150 °C) in combination with the Leica LN22 liquid nitrogen freezing attachment. The Leica RM2265 is equipped with a smooth-running handwheel.

The RM2265 allows the sectioning of samples in five different sectioning modes: rocking, continuous, single, step and program mode. The sectioning speed can be adjusted while motorized sectioning in progress.

The Leica RM2265 microtome features a low-maintenance precision micrometer feed system with specimen feed and vertical stroke via precision cross roller bearings.

All important controls are located on a user-friendly separate control panel with adjustable inclination angle for ergonomic operation. Important information on the operating state of the instrument such as specimen retraction (Retract), emergency stop (E-stop), handwheel/specimen head locking function (Lock), trimming thickness section thickness as well as section thickness totalizer and vertical specimen stop position (top or bottom) are indicated directly on the instrument.

For increased user safety, the instrument is equipped with two independent handwheel locking systems. During motorized operation, the handle of the ergonomic safety handwheel can be centered.

The Leica RM2265 microtome is equipped with an individually adjustable specimen retraction system, which can be switched on and off by the user. In manual sectioning mode, specimen retraction values are programmable. In motorized sectioning mode, specimen retraction is self-adjusting (retraction value depending on actual sectioning speed).


Retraction status (ON/OFF) indication via LED.

Motorized horizontal specimen head movement with two speed settings (300 µm/s or 900 µm/s).

Coarse feed speed and direction can be activated at any time by simply pressing a button.

Raised coarse feed buttons can easily be felt without having to look at the control panel.

During sectioning, visual/acoustic signals indicate the front and rear travel limits. Optical and acoustical remaining feed indicator for the horizontal specimen feed.

Section thickness settings for trimming and sectioning can be selected and saved independently of each other.

The microtome base plate features an integrated ruler, to ensure that specific knife holder base positions can easily be found again.

Sectioning debris is collected in a magnetised section waste tray.

Technical specifications:

Trimming thickness range and increments: 1-600 µm

1-10 µm in 1-µm increments

10-20 µm in 2-µm increments

20-50 µm in 5-µm increments

50-100 µm in 10-µm increments

100-600 µm in 50-µm increments

Section thickness range: 0.25 – 100 µm

Section thickness increments:

0.25 µm

0.5-5.0 µm in 0.5-µm increments

5-20 µm in 1-µm increments

20-60 µm in 5-µm increments

60-100 µm in 10-µm increments

Sectioning range individually adjustable depending on specimen size (sectioning window)

Sectioning speed: 0 to 420 mm/s continuously adjustable

Horizontal feed range: approx. 30 mm/1.18 inches

Vertical stroke length: approx. 70 mm/2.76 inches

Coarse feed speed settings (in both directions):300 µm/s and 900 µm/s

Step function via coarse feed buttons insectioning mode

2 individual program modes (number of sectionand thickness) for trimming and sectioning mode

Specimen retraction (10-70 µm) in motorised sectioning mode depending on sectioning motor speed, self-adjusting

Specimen retraction in manual mode from 5 to 100 µm selectable in 5-µm steps

Retraction in both motorized and manual operation can be switched on/off at any time

Section and section thickness totalizer indicated on 4-digit LED display

Programmable vertical specimen stop position (top or bottom) for the use with Leica LN22 liquid nitrogen device

Adapter for microscope or magnifier carrier

Magnet on instrument back panel holds tools when needed

Emergency stop function

Socket for connection of backlighting device (optional)

Socket for connection of footswitch with protection device (optional)

Technical Data:

Admissions: CE, c-CSA-us

Operating temperature range: + 10°C up to +35°C

Relative air humidity: max. 80 %, non-condensing

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

excl. handwheel 11.81”w x 24.33”d x 12.0-1”h (300x618x305 mm) incl. handwheel 16.26”w x 24.33”d x 12.0-1”h (413x618x305 mm)


81.5 lbs (37 kg)

Power Requirements

Voltage: adjustable via voltage selector