Leica RM2265 Automated Microtome


This microtome stands as the pinnacle of the RM2200 series, delivering superior sectioning across a spectrum of specimen types, from soft to hard, and spanning routine biomedical research to specialized applications. With six precise sectioning modes, including motorized and manual options, it offers unparalleled control. This microtome’s adaptability extends to a myriad of optional accessories, enhancing its versatility, while an unobstructed work area and ergonomic control panel design ensure efficient and comfortable operation. Safety is paramount, with multiple locking mechanisms and an emergency stop feature.


Leica RM2265 Microtome: Redefining Versatility in Microtomy

A Holistic Approach to Microtomy

In the world of microtomes, the Leica RM2265 stands as a beacon of versatility, recognizing that reliability, innovation, efficiency, ergonomics, and safety are all paramount. Leica Biosystems introduces a game-changing solution that excels on all fronts: the fully motorized Leica RM2265 rotary microtome. At the pinnacle of the RM2200 series, it effortlessly crafts superior sections across a multitude of specimen types, from semi-thin to thick sections of both soft and hard specimens. This microtome caters to routine and special biomedical research as well as industrial quality assurance and materials research. It’s the answer to the diverse needs of modern laboratories, ensuring constant high-performance workflow without compromise.

Six Modes for Unparalleled Control

The Leica RM2265 empowers users with a total of six sectioning modes. In motorized operation, four modes are at your fingertips: continuous, single, step stroke, and program mode. For manual operation, you can choose between the conventional full handwheel rotation or the intuitive “rock” mode. In the latter, subtle back-and-forth handwheel movements are detected and automatically converted into specimen arm advances or retractions, enhancing precision.

Customization for Unique Requirements

This microtome offers utmost versatility with a wide range of optional accessories, including a microscope carrier with fiber optic light guides for optimal knife and specimen illumination. An unobstructed work area further improves access to the cutting zone, eliminating unnecessary clamping levers. The ergonomic design extends to the control panel, where automated functions are managed. Grouped controls and touch-sensitive buttons facilitate “blind operation,” with adjustable panel inclination and the option to position it on either side of the instrument.

Ergonomics and Safety

Operator comfort and safety are paramount. The smooth-running safety handwheel features an ergonomically shaped handle, complemented by a one-thumb operation handwheel locking device. An additional locking mechanism on the microtome base provides secure positioning of the object head. During motorized sectioning, an emergency stop button halts specimen arm movement instantly, ensuring user safety.

Proven Excellence

The Leica RM2265 incorporates proven innovations, including the Leica-Patented Force Compensation System for smooth manual handwheel operation and a Precision Micrometer Feed System that spans sectioning modes from 0.25 µm to 100 µm, and trimming modes from 1 µm to 600 µm. An integrated, intuitive display presents instrument settings and performance information at eye level. The microtome’s adaptability extends to a wide range of accessories, tailoring it to individual needs and optimizing sectioning performance for any specimen type.

The Leica RM2265 Microtome redefines versatility in microtomy, embodying a holistic approach to meet the diverse requirements of modern laboratories. It’s a symbol of reliability, innovation, and precision, seamlessly integrating technology and ergonomics for superior sectioning results.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.25" x 22.16" x 12"


81.5 lbs



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