Leica RM2235 Manual Microtome


Patented features introduce unprecedented user-friendliness, setting new standards in its class. Ergonomics are paramount, with a strategically positioned coarse feed wheel for fatigue-free operation, customizable handwheel rotation, and an ingenious mechanical trimming function. Safety is assured by a red finger protection guard on the knife holder, and a magnetized section waste tray efficiently collects debris. With precision orientation, lateral knife holder adjustment, and an innovative chilled cassette clamp, the RM2235 redefines microtomy, while its streamlined design minimizes cleaning.


Leica RM2235 Rotary Microtome: Elevating Microtomy Excellence

Durability and Precision Unleashed

In the demanding world of manual microtomes, the Leica RM2235 stands as an embodiment of durability. Crafted to endure the rigorous demands of bustling laboratories, this microtome integrates advanced technology with the highest safety standards and ergonomic design for unparalleled performance. It introduces an array of patented features that redefine user-friendliness, never before seen in its class.

Ergonomics for Endurance

A core principle in the RM2235’s design is user comfort and ergonomics. The coarse feed wheel, strategically positioned near the operator, ensures fatigue-free operation. You can even customize the handwheel’s rotation direction to match your sectioning style. The mechanical trimming function, conveniently located alongside the coarse feed wheel, eliminates the need for repetitive turning during trimming.

Safety and Sectioning Harmony

Safety takes center stage with the integrated, red finger protection guard of the knife holder E. This unique shield adds an extra layer of security by remaining on the blade edge during sectioning.

Efficient Debris Management

The spacious section waste tray, held securely in place by magnets, efficiently collects sectioning debris. It’s designed for easy removal and cleaning, streamlining your workflow.

Everything Within Reach

An integrated storage tray ensures your ancillary tools are always at your fingertips. Alternatively, a cooling plate with a thermo element offers cold storage options for specimen blocks, either on top or on either side of the microtome.

Smooth Operation with Patented Balance

The RM2235’s handwheel operates smoothly, thanks to the patented force balancing system. This innovative design uses a spring to counterbalance the forces generated during sectioning, resulting in effortless operation and uniform handwheel rotation, ultimately improving sectioning results.

Precision Orientation Redefined

For precision specimen orientation, a novel mechanism sets new standards. Calibrated controls enable easy adjustments to an exact zero position, indicated by red pins or a measurable variable on the x/y axis for re-cuts.

Optimized Knife Holder Base

The universal knife holder base accommodates a wide range of Leica knife holder systems, ensuring flexibility in your microtomy tasks.

Enhanced Lateral Knife Holder Adjustment

You can utilize the entire width of the microtome blade without releasing the clamping mechanism. Three predefined stop positions (left, center, right) correspond to the width of a standard histology cassette, making this microtome cost-effective for labs with high specimen throughput.

Special Accessory for Chilled Clamping

The Leica RM2235 offers a chilled universal cassette clamp (UCC) that keeps specimens cold throughout the sectioning process by utilizing ice or dry ice.

Smart Design and Features

With a one-piece housing made from specially resistant plastic, the RM2235 minimizes debris accumulation, reducing cleaning efforts. Fewer clamping levers provide improved access to the cutting area, streamlining usability.

Leica RM2235: A Glimpse of Features

Precision specimen orientation with zero-point reference, an ergonomic design for fatigue-free operation, integrated user safety features, and an incredibly smooth-running handwheel with patented force compensation make the Leica RM2235 a standout. It offers precise knife holder lateral adjustment, a cooling plate option, single-handed operation specimen clamps, a universal knife holder base, disposable blade holder with integrated safety protection, a spacious magnetized section waste tray, and a one-piece, easy-to-clean housing.

The Leica RM2235 Rotary Microtome stands as a testament to Leica’s commitment to excellence, bringing innovation, durability, and ergonomic brilliance to the forefront of microtomy.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.26" x 24.33" x 12"


75 lbs



Operator Manual

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