Rankin Basics Semi-Auto Microtome



The Rankin Basics Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome is a simple to use, ergonomic rotary microtome with built-in electronics to make microtomy more efficient and consistent. Users that are used to the big-name OEM microtomes will have a very easy time transitioning to the Rankin Basics microtome, as the features and ergonomics feel extremely similar to the big-name OEM microtomes. This is why we are providing a warranty that is double the industry-standard, of 2-years.



2-in-1 Low and High Profile Blade Holder

The Rankin Basics Manual microtome comes standard with a 2-in-1 low and high profile blade holder to make it easy to switch between tissue types, technician preference, or blades supply. Easily slide the top portion of the blade holder left, right, or middle with click-into-place positioning system. Consequently, you will get more out of our microtome blades by using both sides. High-quality Kipp levers ensure safe and secure locking of the moving mechanisms.







Simple Control

A simplified, single, control panel on the face of the microtome is designed with the user in mind. There is no loose handheld panel to get lost or broken. The coarse feed control is intuitive and simple. An electronic course feed combined with the natural feel of a flywheel gives you more control over the specimen head compared to using a button.


Three Sectioning Modes

Different operating modes to meet your specific sectioning preferences. Standard mode operates as normal, with standard rotation of the flywheel and manual switching between trimming or sectioning. Smart mode allows the user to “rock” the handwheel to complete sections or use full rotations. Full mode, also called full-layer interval sectioning, is often used to investigate the tissue structure at different depths, generating 3D images. In full mode, the user pre-selects a designated depth into the block, once the microtome reaches that depth, it will automatically switch to sectioning mode.


rankin basics microtome blade holder blade release

Safe Blade Ejection Button

The disposable blade safety rail has a blade ejection button built-in. You can safely remove disposable blades and mitigate potential risks associated with microtomy.








Paraffin Waste Tray

Make cleanup easier with the lightweight, simple and sleek waste tray to catch paraffin shavings during microtomy. The waste tray easily slides under the front of the microtome and catches sectioning waste on the front and sides of the microtome.









MCT45 Specs

Condition New
Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 410 × 478 × 310 mm (W×D×H)
Sectioning Range 0.25 to 100 μm
Specimen Retraction 0-100 μm
Horizontal Specimen Feed 30 mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke 70 mm
Specimen Orientation XY – 360°
Precision Error ±1%
Movement of blade holder 0-60 mm (front to back)


Included with Microtome

Disposable Blade Holder, 2-in-1 High and Low Profile

Quick Cassette Clamp

Waste Tray

Microtome Blades



Operator Manual

Additional information