Rankin Basics Manual Microtome


“Our lab loves the Rankin Basics manual microtome: the unit looks very nice and is easy to clean, the fly wheel turns smoothly and easily, and we absolutely love the built-in chuck level! Excellent basic microtome – no need to spend all that money on name brands!”

Meghan D. | Lab Manager


Precision Unveiled: The Rankin Basics Manual Microtome

Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends simplicity with precision, where every section becomes a masterpiece of artistry and accuracy. The Rankin Basics Manual Microtome stands as an emblem of ergonomic design and technological prowess, redefining the microtome experience with familiarity and innovation that transcends boundaries.

Transcending Familiarity: Intuitive Elegance

Designed to simplify complexity, the Rankin Basics Manual Microtome welcomes users with its intuitive interface and user-centric design. Its ergonomic construction is an ode to comfort, promising an experience that is both effortless and efficient.

For those well-versed with prominent OEM microtomes, transitioning to the Rankin Basics microtome is an endeavor marked by ease, as the features and ergonomics mirror the familiarity of big-name counterparts.

Reliability Woven into Every Detail

In the heart of every microtome lies reliability, and the Rankin Basics Manual Rotary Microtome is no exception. Meticulously curated with the sturdiest components, this microtome stands as a beacon of longevity.

The most robust parts have been meticulously chosen, a testament to our commitment to providing decades of uninterrupted reliability. A decade of rigorous research and development, combined with 4 years of intensive internal testing involving over 1,000 control slides daily, has culminated in what we believe is the most reliable microtome ever conceived. To underscore our confidence, we provide a 2-year warranty, double the industry standard, reflecting our dedication to your experience.

A Symphony of Specifications: Weight, Dimensions, and Beyond

Conditioned for excellence, the Rankin Basics Manual Microtome bears the item code MCT25 and is a new addition to your laboratory arsenal. Weighing 62 lbs, it merges a robust build with streamlined performance. Its dimensions of 570 × 440 × 290 mm (W×D×H) offer a compact footprint without compromising on potential.

Precision in Every Cut: Sectioning and Specimen Handling

The essence of microtomy lies in precision, and the Rankin Basics Microtome is dedicated to delivering just that. With a sectioning range spanning from 1 to 60 μm, your cuts become expressions of unparalleled accuracy. Specimen retraction, adjustable from 0 to 28 μm, adds a layer of finesse to your work. The horizontal specimen feed of 29 mm and vertical specimen stroke of 60 mm empower you to achieve flawless results with every section.

Embracing Versatility: Specimen Orientation and Blade Movement

Your microtome experience is elevated through versatility, offering a symphony of possibilities for precision and control. The Rankin Basics Microtome goes beyond the ordinary, providing XY specimen orientation with an impressive 8° range. This thoughtful design element ensures that your specimens align flawlessly, setting the stage for a microtomy journey defined by unmatched accuracy.

As you navigate your cutting journey, the blade holder’s seamless movement spanning 0-60 mm empowers you with the freedom to effortlessly transition between diverse sectioning positions, allowing you to craft sections with finesse and efficiency.

A Testament to Engineering: Precision Error and Beyond

The precision error becomes a thing of the past with the Rankin Basics Microtome. With a precision error of ±1%, your sections exude accuracy with every pass. The movement of the blade holder, spanning 0-60 mm from front to back, offers you unmatched control over your sections.

The Rankin Basics Manual Microtome isn’t just a tool; it’s a commitment to excellence. Seamlessly transition from familiar environments to an innovative future, where simplicity meets sophistication in every cut. Redefine your microtomy experience and embrace precision like never before with the Rankin Basics Microtome – where familiarity, innovation, and reliability converge.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

22.44" x 17.3" x 11.42"


61.73 lbs



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