Leica RM2135 Manual Microtome


This advanced instrument boasts a patented gravitational force compensation system, ensuring uniform, high-quality sections without the need for a cumbersome counterweight. Its easily accessible coarse feed wheel simplifies operation, while precision cross-roller bearings guarantee superior section quality for paraffin and hard-sectioning techniques. An intuitive specimen orientation system with anti-tilt functionality and a generous 70 mm vertical stroke length accommodates large specimens. The quick-release clamping system streamlines specimen changes, and the integrated section waste tray enhances workflow efficiency. With a broad section thickness setting range, uniform stroke, and advanced specimen management options, the Leica RM2135 delivers precision, performance, and ergonomic excellence for precise microtomy tasks.


Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome: Mastering Challenges with 125 Years of Expertise

125 Years of Excellence

Drawing from over a century of experience, Leica’s rotary microtomes have evolved to meet the ever-expanding demands of practical work. The newly introduced Leica RM2135 encapsulates advanced technology, stringent safety standards, and ergonomic brilliance. It stands as a testament to technical innovation, presenting an array of features that redefine paraffin and hard-sectioning techniques.

Revolutionary Gravitational Force Compensation

At the heart of the Leica RM2135 lies a patented gravitational force compensation system, a technological marvel designed to eliminate the need for a cumbersome counterweight inside the handwheel. This ingenious engineering ensures a smooth and effortless turn of the handwheel, resulting in uniformly stretched sections of unparalleled quality.

Stress-Free Coarse Feed

The Leica RM2135’s coarse feed wheel occupies a strategic, easily accessible position, guaranteeing stress-free operation. This thoughtful placement streamlines your work, making every sectioning task a breeze.

Precision with Cross Roller Bearings

Crafted with precision in mind, this microtome employs cross roller bearings for both vertical and horizontal specimen feeds. This innovative approach ensures top-tier section quality, adhering to the most stringent standards in microtomy, whether you’re working with paraffin or hard specimens.

Effortless Specimen Orientation

Navigating specimen orientation has never been simpler. Leica’s easy-to-use specimen orientation system features an “anti-tilt” function, ensuring the accurate and straightforward alignment of your specimen. With a vertical stroke length of 70 mm, you have a generous sectioning range of up to 69 mm, ideal for handling even large specimens.

Swift and Intuitive Specimen Clamping

With a new quick-release clamping system, specimen clamp changes become a one-handed operation, allowing for lightning-fast transitions between samples.

Efficient Section Waste Management

The integrated section waste tray within the microtome base plate is a game-changer. It streamlines the removal of section debris, with waste transferred directly from the knife to the tray. Furthermore, its capacity can be expanded by using disposable waste bags, accommodating your workflow needs.

Uniform Stroke for Perfection

The patented lever system, employing a pre-stressed spring, neutralizes centrifugal forces that arise during sectioning. This innovative design eliminates the necessity of mounting a heavy counterweight inside the handwheel. The result? A consistently smooth and effortless handwheel turn, ensuring impeccable, uniformly stretched sections every time.

Precision Sectioning Made Easy

The Leica RM2135 boasts a broad section thickness setting range from 1 to 60 μm, catering to various applications. It allows fine adjustments in steps ranging from 1 to 10 μm, followed by 2 μm increments from 10 to 20 μm, and 5 μm increments from 20 to 60 μm. A visual display ensures precise section thickness indication.

Maximize Your Sectioning Area

Without retraction, the Leica RM2135 offers a staggering maximum sectioning area of 69 mm, making it ideal for sizeable specimens. Even with retraction, it generously provides a 62 mm sectioning area.

Enhanced Specimen Management

For utmost precision, the specimen retraction feature, providing a 200 μm margin, can be engaged as needed, contributing to the quality and longevity of your cutting surface.

The Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome epitomizes the perfect amalgamation of craftsmanship and technology. With its innovative features and attention to detail, it’s your trusted companion for consistently outstanding microtomy results.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Side coarse feed: 18.7" x 20.7" x 12"
Front coarse feed: 16.3" x 22.2" x 4.3"


75 lbs




Operator Manual

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