Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet 896200

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Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet 896200

The Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet has 2 manual closing doors and can accommodate one 55 gallon vertical drum. One half shelf will be included. This cabinet does not have rollers, Justrite model 896260, has rollers.

The Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet 896200 has storage space for larger quantities of flammable solvents. Heavy-duty Drum Cabinets are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Built to the same high standards as regular safety cabinets, these cabinets are designed to house one or two 30- to 55-gallon drums. Cabinets for vertically positioned drums are available for single or double drum storage, while horizontally positioned drums accommodate a single drum with a drum cradle. Drum Cabinets feature a half-depth shelf to enable access to drum pumps and funnels while providing additional storage capacity. The Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet is available with a full array of drum accessories and equipment is available to ensure maximum safety when storing and handling drums of hazardous materials.

Here are some of the key specifications for the Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet 896200:

  • Capacity: 55 gallons
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel
  • Color: Yellow
  • Door Type: Self-closing with 3-point latching system
  • Sump Capacity: 2 inches
  • Electrical Outlet: Grounded, explosion-proof
  • Meets OSHA and NFPA code requirements for flammable liquid storage
  • FM Approved
  • Built-in secondary containment system
  • Adjustable shelving system
  • Overall dimensions: 72″ H x 43″ W x 18″ D
  • Shipping weight :220 lbs

The Justrite 55G Flammable Safety Cabinet 896200 is a cabinet designed to store flammable liquids and chemicals safely. Some of its features include:

  • Constructed of 18-gauge steel with a double-walled door and a 1 1/2″ airspace for fire resistance
  • Self-closing door with a fusible link that melts at 165 degrees Fahrenheit to automatically close the door in the event of a fire
  • Adjustable shelves for customizable storage
  • 2″ leakproof sill to contain spills
  • Three-point key lock for added security
  • Meets OSHA and NFPA Code 30 standards for flammable liquid storage
  • Label kit that includes a “Flammable – Keep Fire Away” warning label and a bilingual “No Smoking – No Open Flames” label.

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Safety Cabinets


896200 55G

Dimensions (W x D x H)

34 x 34 x 65 in


391 lbs