Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 Manual Microtome


With innovative features like a micrometer mechanism for dual-hand operation, zero-backlash specimen movement, and specimen retraction, this microtome ensures unparalleled section quality. Its ergonomic design, electronic section counter, and intuitive controls enhance operator safety and efficiency. The knife carrier system offers stability and adaptability, while the unique section waste tray promotes cleanliness. Thermo Scientific’s commitment to excellence is evident through the Microm HM 325-2, embodying cutting-edge technology, user-oriented functionality, and a remarkable price-to-performance ratio.

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Introducing the Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 Rotary Microtome: Elevating Precision and Performance in Microtomy

Precision Redefined with Micrometer Mechanism

Experience unprecedented precision with the Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 Rotary Microtome. The unique section thickness setting mechanism revolutionizes microtome operation, accommodating both left and right-handed users. The removable setting knobs enhance flexibility by enabling operation from either side of the instrument. This individualized approach ensures seamless sectioning without interruption. The instrument offers a customizable section thickness range spanning from 0.5 µm to 60 µm, conveniently monitored through the index window on the front side of the microtome.

Unmatched Stability: Zero-Backlash Vertical Specimen Movement

Embrace unmatched stability in specimen movement with the Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2. Commitment to precision ensures exceptional section quality, even under high cutting forces. The zero-backlash vertical specimen movement guarantees an impeccably smooth performance, setting new standards for microtome stability and reliability.

Enhanced Section Quality: Specimen Retraction During Return Travel

The Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 takes section quality to new heights through its innovative specimen retraction feature. As a pioneer in its class, this microtome offers advantages that include enhanced section quality, seamless ribbonning of sections, and prolonged tool lifespan. Count on this microtome to provide exceptional sectioning solutions for your needs.

Empowering Control: Coarse Feed Device and Trim Function

Engage with precision using the intuitive coarse feed device and trim function of the Microm HM 325-2. The synchronized sense of rotation for both coarse feed activation and cutting movement ensures precise specimen approach, while the independent trim stages (10 µm and 30 µm) enable optimal section thickness adjustment. This level of control is crucial for achieving immaculate sectioning results.

Perfect Alignment: Specimen Fine Orientation with Quick Change Function

Discover the ultimate specimen alignment with the Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2. The fine orientation feature enables precise horizontal (X-) and vertical (Y-) alignment with Zero-positioning, backed by a snap-in function for rapid parallel alignment to the cutting surface. The ergonomic design, featuring one-hand operation knobs on the left side, ensures easy accessibility and flexibility during operation, even with large clamps or a Cool-Cut.

Unrivaled Operator Safety: Electronic Section Counter

Ensure meticulous tracking of work processes with the electronic section counter of the Microm HM 325-2. This resettable counter supports lab operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in microtomy tasks.

Innovative Knife Carrier System

The knife carrier system of the Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 strikes the perfect balance between stability and ergonomics. Designed with user safety in mind, this system minimizes complexity with its reduced lever count, ensuring hassle-free operation. The adjustable levers are accessible from both sides, optimizing operator comfort and safety. The system accommodates a variety of knife types, including standard knives, tungsten carbide knives, and disposable blades, all equipped with a finger guard.

Ergonomic Excellence: Unique Section Waste Tray

Experience unparalleled ergonomic design with the Microm HM 325-2. The patented knife carrier insertion and spacious section waste tray provide an optimal working environment. The removable tray covers the entire working area, promoting cleanliness and efficiency. The front of the tray even doubles as an armrest, exemplifying dedication to practical design.

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Microm HM 325



Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.5" x 19.3" x 11.0"


51 lbs



Operator Manual

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