Boekel Digital Incubator 0.5d

Boekel Digital Incubator 0.5d

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Boekel 0.5d Digital Incubator

Boekel Scientific’s new line of CCCd Digital Incubators feature either see-thru polycarbonate doors or solid doors for convenience. Available in either 115 or 230 volt options, the incubators are produced from 22 Ga steel and the exterior is powder coated for both scratch and stain resistance. The interior is easy-to-clean aluminum. The new system allows for digital input and readout of incubation temperature. An over-range safety thermostat with a red warning indicator light is standard on all units. The temperature range is now expanded to go from ambient +10 to 90°C. Boekel CCC Incubators contain a blower fan for rapid heat-up and better uniformity of temperature. The units utilize a PID controller and a separate power switch. All units include a pocket size digital laboratory timer.

All 115 volt units meet UL and CSA requirements and all 230 volt units are CE marked. Boekel CCCd Digital Incubators are ideal for incubating and culturing of reagents, medias, and samples in just about every laboratory in every market where samples need warming and a steady temperature.

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138000 Solid Door 138025 See-Thru

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Chamber 9 1/2"w x 9 1/2"d x 9 1/2"h (24.1×24.1×24.1cm)


24 lbs (10.9 kg)

Power Requirements

115V, 60 Hz