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Sakura VIP E300 Tissue Processor

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor is an automatic, self-contained tissue processor. It is programmable for up to nine different programs for use in the fixation, dehydration, clearing, and paraffin infiltration of a variety of human, animal, or plant tissues specimens.

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor full-screen display gives you complete information at a glance. The comprehensive, easy-access control panel gives you complete system management. The closed system design along with the filtering and ventiliation system, ensure a sealed, moist environment for the tissues and an essentially fume-free environment outside the VIP.

You can program the Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor to begin processing either immediately or in a delay mode. In delay mode, you enter a desired end time and the instrument then automatically calculates the program start time. The flexible, self-calculation delay mode coordinates completion of processing to enhance workflow.

The computer monitors all steps in the processing sequence – safeguarding your specimens and protecting your system. The operator-selectable control for each station provides faster fluid exchange with all tissue samples.  Gentle tidal agitation ensures optimal reagent mixing while reducing tissue cross-contamination. Paraffin cleansing automatically degasses the paraffin while in the oven, eliminating additional retort cleaning cycles.

Control Panel

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor control panel contains the screen display and the keypad, which the operator uses to communicate with the instrument software.


The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor retort is the chamber in which processing actually occurs. One or more baskets, which hold the specimens, are placed into the retort. During processing the retort lid is held securely closed by two adjustable latches. The retort interlock slide bar, when in place over the latches, prevents access to the retort. During processing, when the retort bar is moved to the open position, processing stops immediately, and an alarm sounds until the retort bar is moved to the closed position. The instrument sequencially moves processing reagents and molten paraffin into and out of the retort through the use of vacuum and pressure. Precisely located heater elements provide uniform reagent temperatures throughout the retort during processing.

Paraffin Oven

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor paraffin oven maintains a set temperature to hold the paraffin at the proper temperature for use in the filtration step. The oven holds four paraffin containers that are easily removed for refilling. The containers are designated as staions 11 through 14. A splill tray is located under the oven to catch any spills from the paraffin containers.

Reagent Cabinet

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor reagent cabinet holds ten bottles of reagents, designated as stations 1 through 10. Two additional stations hold bottles for xylene and alcochol, used during the cleanting cycle. The final two spaces hold a bottle for water and the activated carbon cartridge, which are the essential components of the fume control system of the instrument. Each bottle connects into the instrument through a quick-release connector. A second spill tray is located under the reagent cabinet to catch any spills from the reagent bottles.

Basket design allows upright placement of cassette specimens and fits all standard embedding consoles for greater convenience.

The Sakura VIP E300 tissue processor is available in traditional bench-top or floor models.

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VIP E300

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Bench model: 39.4"w x 22.8"d x 26"h (100x58x67cm) Floor model: 19.7"w x 22.8"d x 52.8"h (50x58x134cm)


278 lbs (126 kg)