Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper


Streamline your laboratory’s coverslipping process with this cutting-edge solution. Capable of handling up to 500 slides per hour, it offers compatibility with LEICA, THERMO-EPREDIA, and SAKURA racks, accommodating diverse laboratory setups. The system boasts a storage capacity for 200 coverslips and 30 slides, ensuring efficient management. Prioritizing user safety, it features an activated carbon filtration system and adjustable bonding parameters. The intuitive touchscreen interface and automatic monitoring of various parameters enhance usability. With precision mountant dispensing, effortless slide tray output, and maintenance prompts, the CS500 redefines coverslipping efficiency and reliability.


Elevate Efficiency with the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper

Experience a remarkable coverslipping solution with the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper, offering outstanding capabilities to streamline your laboratory processes.

Seamless Throughput and Compatibility With an impressive capacity of up to 500 slides per hour, the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper stands as a pinnacle of efficiency in the laboratory. Its exceptional compatibility with LEICA, THERMO-EPREDIA, and SAKURA racks, along with an adaptable design compatible with the majority of consumables on the market, makes it an incredibly versatile tool. Regardless of the specific demands of your laboratory setup, the CS500 effortlessly integrates to ensure a seamless and adaptable coverslipping process.

Enhanced Slide Management and Storage Effortlessly manage your slides with the storage capacity for 200 coverslips (24 x 50 mm) and a rack of 30 slides. The precise horizontal gluing system on a horizontal rotating carousel ensures accurate bonding, and the unit boasts an impressive output capacity of up to 90 mounted slides.

User-Centric Safety and Maintenance With a steadfast commitment to user well-being, the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper is equipped with a sophisticated high-efficiency activated carbon filtration system, providing comprehensive protection against potentially hazardous fumes. The incorporation of a user-centric approach extends to its intuitive data setting interface, effortlessly navigated through a large 10-inch touch screen. Adding another layer of versatility, the CS500 boasts distinct user levels – operator, administrator, and developer – ensuring controlled access and operation, aligning with diverse user needs and skill levels for an optimized experience.

Efficient Bonding Parameters and Monitoring Adjustable bonding parameters allow for tailored coverslipping, while a broken coverslip detector minimizes disruptions. The system monitors mounting medium levels, xylene (or substitute), and waste containers. Automatic cleaning of the gluing system reduces maintenance, ensuring consistent performance. A collection tray for broken coverslips and automatic counting of coverslips further enhance user convenience.

Precision Mountant Dispensing At the heart of the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper lies an innovative and precise mountant dispensing system. This system is not only quantitative but also highly effective in preventing wasteful spillage and optimizing accuracy during the coverslipping process. As a testament to its commitment to seamless operation, the CS500 incorporates an intelligent mechanism that automatically immerses the dispensing needle in xylene post-coverslipping. This thoughtful feature prevents needle blockage, ensuring sustained reliability and consistency over the long term, ultimately contributing to uninterrupted and precise coverslipping performance.

Effortless Slide Tray Output Designed for optimal user convenience, the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper streamlines the coverslipping workflow with a one-stop drying plate output, eliminating the need for manual transfers and enhancing the efficiency of image reading and analysis. Moreover, the CS500 is equipped with a comprehensive alert system featuring audible and visual alarms that proactively prompt maintenance actions. This advanced system ensures that potential issues such as filter replacements, slide rack adjustments, reagent levels, and machine errors are promptly addressed, safeguarding the reliability and continuity of operations. The CS500 goes above and beyond in creating a hassle-free and user-centric coverslipping experience.

Elevate your laboratory’s coverslipping process with the Dakewe CS500 Glass Coverslipper, a sophisticated solution designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and user experience.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

25.98" x 30.32" x 25.2"


198.4.2 lbs



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