Leica PELORIS II Rapid Tissue Processor


This cutting-edge system offers unrestricted processing, catering to diverse applications from routine to molecular testing, ensuring superior quality outcomes. Customizable protocols, open reagent options, and proactive maintenance enhance adaptability and efficiency, while Leica RemoteCare’s 24-hour monitoring optimizes instrument uptime. With the capacity to accommodate up to 600 cassettes per run, rapid processing capabilities, and consistent quality assurance, the Peloris II transforms laboratory productivity and patient care.


Elevate Processing Efficiency with the Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor

Discover a new era of tissue processing excellence with the advanced Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor. Packed with innovative features, this system revolutionizes the way laboratories manage their tissue specimens, offering unparalleled adaptability, efficiency, and quality.

Unrestricted Processing with Superior Quality

The Leica Peloris II eliminates the need for special grossing, providing unrestricted processing capabilities that cater to a wide range of applications, from routine to molecular testing. Its versatile design ensures consistent quality across the board, guaranteeing optimal results in every run.

Adaptability and Customization

With standardized and customizable processing protocols, the Peloris II empowers laboratory managers to align the system with their specific needs, optimizing workflow efficiency. This adaptability extends to its open reagent system, enabling laboratories to modify protocols using their reagents of choice, including Xylene and Xylene‑free operation.

Proactive Maintenance and Real-Time Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential issues with the Peloris II’s proactive system diagnostics and service access via a secure network connection. This real-time maintenance and monitoring care enhance instrument uptime, ensuring consistent operation without interruption.

Efficiency and Savings

The Peloris II’s ActivFlo™ and reagent management systems deliver efficient and consistent quality while substantially reducing reagent consumption. Leica Parablocks™ made from Leica Paraplast™ ensure faster system readiness and reduced maintenance, while ActivFlo™ cassettes enhance processing efficiency.

One System, Multiple Needs

Simplify your laboratory operations with the Peloris II, which accommodates a broad spectrum of processing requirements within a single system. From documentation and validation to training, reagent handling, and logistics systems, this all-in-one solution streamlines critical support tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

Leica RemoteCare: Enhancing Efficiency

Experience uninterrupted operation with Leica RemoteCare, a cutting-edge feature that provides 24-hour instrument monitoring across most locations worldwide. Like a virtual technician, Leica RemoteCare ensures each instrument is operating at optimum efficiency by constantly checking critical functions, preventing potential issues from causing interruptions or reduced quality. This revolutionary technology dramatically improves laboratory productivity.

High Throughput and Quality Assurance

The Peloris II meets the demands of high throughput, accommodating up to 600 cassettes per run at full capacity. Its rapid processing capabilities enable same-day diagnosis, elevating patient care and enhancing diagnostic workflows. Whether handling routine or breast tissue processing, the Peloris II consistently delivers superior quality results.

Step into the future of tissue processing with the Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor. With its adaptability, efficiency, and quality assurance features, this system sets a new standard in histopathology laboratories. Elevate your laboratory’s capabilities and enhance patient care with the Peloris II.

Additional information



Peloris II



Dimensions (W x D x H)

33.7" x 28.4” x 59"


550 lbs (dry)
770 lbs (full reagent load)



Operator Manual

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