Leica RM2035 Microtome

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Leica RM2035 Microtome

The RM2035 microtome is a rotary microtome that handily provides routine sectioning of paraffin embedded specimens as well as the sectioning of plastic embedded specimens, due to the stability of the vertical guideway, the rigidity of the feed system, and the built-in specimen retraction feature.

The Leica RM2035 microtome is very similar to the RM2030 microtome, but in addition to routine trimming, it also has an automatic trimming device. It also offers specimen retraction for better and cleaner sectioning.

A front cover plate prevents debris from entering the microtome housing. Add all these features together with it's performance and safety features and it's clear to see why this was the first microtome awarded the distinquished GS label by the TUV, a safety regulatory organization in Germany.


Automatic specimen retraction

Maintenance-free roller bearing slideways and micrometer feed mechanism

Enclosed housing with covered horizontal cylinder opening

Mechanical trimming device

The Rankin-refurbished Leica RM2035 microtome comes with:

Disposable blade holder

Hex "L" key set

Large brush

Small brush

Microtome oil

10 pk sample of high-quality disposable blades

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