Quincy Convection Oven 40GC


This versatile oven excels in tasks such as drying, baking, sterilizing, and more. With a temperature range of ambient to 450°F, it offers precise performance. Equipped with a bi-metal and hydraulic thermostat for accuracy, it boasts safety features including over-temperature protection. The corrosion-resistant interior, resistive-tubular incoloy heating elements, and adjustable shelves ensure durability and flexibility. Safety remains paramount, with a thermo safety alarm and a strict prohibition on flammable liquids or gases.


Quincy Convection Oven 40GC

Explore the Quincy Lab Oven 40GC, a remarkable addition to the Analog Lab Ovens series tailored to meet the dynamic demands of industries, research institutions, and educational facilities. Crafted with precision and versatility, these ovens are indispensable for a wide range of applications including drying, baking, sterilizing, heat treating, and beyond. Operating within a temperature spectrum of ambient to 450°F, the Quincy Lab Oven 40GC offers reliable performance for various tasks.

Designed for Excellence

Equipped with a bi-metal thermostat (exclusive to 10 GC & AF Series) and a hydraulic thermostat, this oven ensures accuracy within ±3°C, enhancing precision in temperature control. Safety is a top priority, evident through the inclusion of an over-temperature safety feature. The interior is made from corrosion-resistant aluminized material, ensuring long-lasting durability. With voltage options of 115 and 230 Volts, it caters to varying power requirements.

Optimized Heating

The resistive-tubular incoloy heating elements ensure efficient and consistent heating throughout the oven. The insulation is comprised of 1-inch high-density mineral wool, guaranteeing effective temperature maintenance. The insulated steel doors are enhanced with high-impact thermoplastic handles, facilitating easy access and ensuring user safety.

Flexible Interior Configuration

The Quincy Lab Oven 40GC offers versatile storage with two adjustable and one fixed nickel-plated shelves. These shelves are designed to accommodate various materials and sizes, adding to the oven’s adaptability. A baked-in scratch-resistant powder-coated finish not only ensures durability but also lends an attractive aesthetic.

Safety First

It’s important to note that the Quincy Lab Oven 40GC is not for use with flammable liquids or gases. To ensure safety during operation, a thermo safety alarm is incorporated, automatically shutting off the unit in the event of a runaway condition. This additional layer of protection minimizes risks and ensures safe usage.

The Quincy Lab Oven 40GC stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and performance. With its wide range of applications and array of safety features, it becomes an indispensable tool across laboratories, research settings, and educational institutions. Its meticulous design and commitment to safety underscore its position as a dependable choice for meeting diverse laboratory needs.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

20" x 16.3" x 31.5"


72.5 lbs



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