Quincy Lab Oven 30AF


With a temperature range from ambient to 450°F, it offers exceptional adaptability for tasks such as drying, curing, sterilizing, and more. Boasting features like hydraulic and bi-metal thermostats, over-temperature safety, corrosion-resistant interior, and adjustable shelves, this oven provides accuracy and safety. The inclusion of a circulating fan in AF Models ensures uniform heating. Equipped with a thermal safety alarm, it prioritizes safety by shutting off in case of a runaway condition.


Introducing the Quincy Lab Oven 30AF: Your Ultimate Analog Lab Oven Solution

Unveiling Versatility and Precision: ANALOG LAB OVENS

Engineered to cater to the diverse demands of industries, research institutions, and educational facilities, the Quincy Lab Oven 30 AF from the ‘GC’ (gravity convection) and ‘AF’ (air forced) Lab Series Ovens is meticulously designed to redefine laboratory heating. With a dedication to craftsmanship and adaptability, this series caters to a myriad of applications, encompassing part drying, baking, curing, sterilizing, heat treating, evaporating, annealing, testing, and more. Whether for industrial requirements or educational exploration, the Quincy Lab Oven 30 AF stands as a reliable companion in your pursuit of precision.

Temperature Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Navigating temperature demands with finesse, the Quincy Lab Oven 30 AF grants you a temperature range spanning from ambient (room temperature) +25°F, reaching a substantial maximum of 450°F (232°C). This extensive range enables you to precisely tailor your temperature settings, ensuring your specific heating needs are met with unparalleled accuracy.

Oven Features That Stand Apart

Embedded within the core of the Analog Lab Oven Series lies a myriad of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your heating experience. While the series offers various models and styles, a set of standard features remains consistent:

  • Bi-metal thermostat (10 GC & AF Series only)
  • Hydraulic thermostat
  • Accuracy of ±3°C
  • Over-temperature safety feature
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminized interior
  • Availability in 115 Volts & 230 Volts
  • Resistive-tubular incoloy heating elements
  • 1″ inch of high-density mineral wool insulation
  • Insulated Steel Doors with high-impact thermoplastic handles
  • 2 adjustable and 1 fixed nickel-plated shelves
  • Baked-in scratch-resistant powder-coated finish

For AF Models, the inclusion of a circulating fan revolutionizes air circulation, contributing to improved uniformity in heating. It’s important to note that while these ovens are an asset to your laboratory, they are not compatible with flammable liquids or gases, ensuring the safety of your workspace.

Safety That Never Compromises

Elevating safety to paramount levels, the Quincy Lab Oven 30 AF is equipped with an over-temperature safety mechanism. In the face of a runaway condition, the thermo safety alarm steps in, promptly shutting off the unit until manually reset. This proactive safety measure guarantees a secure environment, allowing you to focus on your work with the utmost confidence.

Incorporating precision, adaptability, and safety, the Quincy Lab Oven 30 AF is your quintessential solution, delivering innovation and quality through every application.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

20" x 14.3" x 29"


64 lbs



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