Slide Stainer & Coverslipper Workstations

A slide stainer and coverslipper workstation is a fully-automated system used in the histology lab that stains tissue on microscope slides and then automatically coverslips the stained slides. The workstation consists of an automated H&E slide stainer with an automated coverslipper connected to the side of the stainer. An automated slide staining and coverslipping workstation is available from Leica, Sakura Tissue-Tek, Intelsint, Dakewe, and Epredia. The Leica stainer workstation consists of an Autostianer XL ST5010 or ST5020 stainer, a TS5015 or TS5025 transfer station, and a CV5030 coverslipper. The Sakura stainer workstation consists of a Prisma slide stainer, and link kit system, and a Film 4740 or glas g2 6500 coverslipper.

Rankin supplies new and refurbished slide stainer and coverslipper workstations from several brands. We reset the lifespan of used stainer and coverslipper workstations with a complete remanufacturing process, recertified back to like-new condition and backed by a warranty.