Bayer/Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer

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Bayer/Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer

The Bayer/Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer is a high-performance medical device designed for pathology labs. It’s used for the automated staining of tissue samples, which are mounted on slides, for histological analysis.

The Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer offers a variety of features to make the staining process as efficient and accurate as possible. It has a high-throughput design that can process up to 80 slides per run, which allows for large batches of samples to be processed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it has a small footprint that allows for easy integration into a pathology lab.

One of the most notable features of the Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer is its advanced staining technology. This allows for precise control of the staining process, ensuring that samples are stained consistently and accurately. The stainer also includes a variety of pre-programmed staining protocols, which can be customized to meet the needs of the lab, and has the ability to create new protocols for specific stains or samples.

The Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer also includes a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and control of the staining process. The interface also allows for remote monitoring and control of the stainer, which allows lab technicians to focus on other tasks while samples are being processed.

In addition, the Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer has a built-in barcode reader, which can be used to track samples and ensure that they are processed correctly. It also includes a built-in washing system that automatically washes and dries slides, reducing the need for manual washing and drying.

In summary, Bayer/Siemens Hematek 2000 Slide Stainer is an advanced medical device designed for pathology labs to perform automated staining of tissue samples mounted on slides. It features high-throughput design, small footprint, advanced staining technology, customizable pre-programmed staining protocols, user-friendly interface, remote monitoring and control, built-in barcode reader, built-in washing system, and durable materials. This device helps lab technicians to work more efficiently and accurately, improving the quality of patient care by providing consistent and accurate staining results.

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Hematek 2000 (4488C)

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