Leica CM1520 MOHS Cryostat

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Leica CM1520 Cryostat

The Leica CM1520 MOHS Cryostat is a specialized cryostat designed specifically for Mohs micrographic surgery. It is equipped with advanced features that make it efficient, precise, and easy to use, allowing for consistent and high-quality sectioning of frozen samples. The cutting thickness range of the Leica CM1520 MOHS Cryostat is 1-10 microns and temperature range of the freezing chamber and specimen holder is -20°C to +20°C, this makes it easy to control the freezing process, ensuring that the samples are properly frozen for optimal sectioning.

The cryostat is equipped with motorized control of the cutting angle and thickness, which makes it easy to adjust the sectioning parameters to suit the specific needs of each sample. The cryostat is also equipped with automatic freezing and defrosting of the specimen, automatic specimen advance, automatic specimen ejection, automatic blade advance, automatic blade ejection, automatic cooling of the specimen and automatic return of the cryochamber to the starting position. This results in ease of use and high precision of the sectioning process.

The cryostat has a large freezing chamber with a high specimen capacity, which provides ample space for multiple samples to be stored at one time. The compact and ergonomic design of the cryostat makes it easy to use and navigate, even for long periods of time. The cryostat also has automatic safety features to protect the user and the samples, this makes it safe to use and reduces the risk of accidents.

The cryostat is easy to clean and maintain, which is important for maintaining the integrity of the samples. A wide range of accessories and attachments are available to suit different applications. This makes the cryostat versatile and able to adapt to a variety of different research needs.


• Precise control and exceptional reliability

• Advanced ergonomics

• Automatic hot gas defrost, maximum freezing –35 °C


Cutting stroke: 59 mm

Max specimen size: 55×55 mm or 55×80 mm

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.6 x 28.7 x 44.8 in


298 lbs