QRlogix SlideID Printer Package, stick-on slide labeling – Basic


The QRlogix SlideID Printer Package – Basic offers a cutting-edge solution for hassle-free slide labeling. This all-in-one package simplifies and streamlines the labeling process with stick-on convenience. The user-friendly printer and compatible software enable effortless label customization, providing clear and legible identification for slides. With precision printing and durable stick-on labels, researchers and educators can optimize their workflow, save time, and enhance organization in laboratories and educational settings.


Introducing the Comprehensive QRLogix SlideID Slide Printer Package – Redefining Your Slide Labeling Process!

The SlideID Slide Printer Package is meticulously curated to transcend conventional slide labeling experiences, presenting a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and laboratory efficiency. Each carefully crafted slide printer package encompasses a spectrum of essentials meticulously designed to elevate your slide labeling workflow.

SlideID 300dpi Label Printer: Precision Redefined

Experience a new realm of precision and clarity with every label. The SlideID 300dpi Label Printer isn’t just a device – it’s a revolution that redefines the art of slide labeling. Witness your specimens come to life with unequivocal accuracy and identification through this exceptional slide printer.

QRlogix Slide Labeling Software: Empower Your Creativity

Unleash your creative prowess with the proprietary QRlogix Slide Labeling Software. Step into a realm where label design isn’t a task; it’s an expression of your unique needs. Craft labels tailored to your exact specifications and navigate the world of slide labeling with unparalleled ease.

SlideID Microscope Slide Labels, 1,750: Elevate Quality Standards

The printer package includes an array of 1,750 meticulously optimized and tested slide labels. With an unwavering commitment to quality, these labels ensure that your every slide labeling need is met with the highest standards of excellence, enabling you to achieve precision without compromise.

SlideID Thermal Transfer Ribbon: Consistency Unleashed

Embrace the assurance of consistent, high-quality printing with the accompanying thermal transfer ribbon. This addition not only enhances the longevity of your slide labels but also elevates your confidence in every print, ensuring your slide labels stand the test of time.

AT30Q Barcode Scanner: Efficiency Redefined

Elevate your efficiency with the PRO PACKAGE, featuring the AT30Q Barcode Scanner. Seamlessly expedite data entry and achieve unparalleled accuracy, transforming your slide labeling process into a seamless dance of precision with this remarkable slide printer.

On-Demand or Batch Printing: Your Choice, Your Control

Flexibility is at your fingertips. Opt for on-demand slide label printing when swift labeling needs arise, or seamlessly transition into batch slide label printing for efficient mass labeling, all designed to align with your unique slide labeling workflow.

Sequential Numbering: Simplify, Streamline, Organize

Navigate the complexities of slide label organization with ease through sequentially numbered slides. Enhance traceability, eliminate confusion, and unlock a realm of streamlined precision with this exceptional printer.

Optional Barcode Scanner – Pre-Programmed: Tailored to Perfection

For those seeking the pinnacle of customization, the optional pre-programmed barcode scanner awaits. Elevate your slide label data entry game and seamlessly streamline your slide labeling process with this indispensable addition.

Step into the future of slide labeling with the paramount SlideID Printer Package. This transformative slide printer package unites the industry’s leading label printer, meticulously optimized labels, and proprietary software, redefining slide labeling for the modern laboratory. Elevate your slide labeling operations to new heights and embark on a journey of unparalleled precision with QRLogix Slide Printer!

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

7" x 10.5" x 6.8"


5.7 lbs



Operator Manual

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