Boekel 107801 Large Oven


Experience precision and versatility with the Boekel Scientific Large Laboratory Oven, model 107801. Engineered for annealing, polymerizing plastics, and more, this oven ensures exceptional performance in various applications. Its double-wall construction, natural air convection, and bi-metallic thermostats guarantee uniform temperature distribution. With an aluminum interior, adjustable shelves, and included thermometer, it offers durability and convenience. The advanced safety over-temp feature enhances protection. Elevate your laboratory procedures with this reliable and efficient oven, designed to meet your heating needs and enhance your scientific endeavors.

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Boekel Scientific Large Laboratory Oven, model number 107801:

A versatile and robust solution designed to meet the diverse heating requirements of modern laboratories. Engineered to perfection, this laboratory oven provides exceptional performance in applications such as annealing, polymerizing plastics, and product age acceleration, making it an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals across various fields.

Precision Heating for Varied Applications The Large Laboratory Oven from Boekel Scientific is your answer for the high-temperature heating of samples with unparalleled precision.

Its innovative features and reliable construction make it an ideal choice for an array of tasks including drying glassware and samples, annealing, dry heat sterilization, evaporation, and polymerizing plastics. Whether you’re advancing scientific research, quality control processes, or product development, this oven delivers consistent and accurate results.

Advanced Features for Optimal Efficiency Designed to exceed expectations, the Boekel Large Laboratory Oven is equipped with a range of advanced features that elevate your laboratory experience.

Its double-wall construction and glass wool insulation ensure excellent heat retention, while the natural air convection system guarantees uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber. The bi-metallic thermostats maintain your desired temperature settings with precision, allowing you to focus on your work with confidence.

Durable Build for Long-Lasting Performance The interior of the oven is constructed from durable aluminum, ensuring both efficient heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. Two adjustable tip-proof zinc-plated steel shelves provide ample space for accommodating your samples and glassware, enhancing organization and versatility. For your convenience, a spirit-filled thermometer is included, allowing you to monitor temperature changes at a glance.

Safety First Boekel Scientific places safety at the forefront with the Large Laboratory Oven. The unit is equipped with an advanced safety over-temp feature that provides an additional layer of protection against temperature fluctuations. In the event that the chamber temperature exceeds approximately 290°C, the safety cutoff will activate, automatically shutting off the heater and preventing any potential hazards.

Versatility Tailored to Your Needs The Large Laboratory Oven is available as part of Boekel’s Convection Oven series, which offers three chamber volume sizes: 0.6 cu. ft., 1.6 cu. ft., and 2.7 cu. ft.

This variety allows you to choose the perfect size to suit your laboratory’s requirements. With an operating temperature range of 100°C to 215°C, these ovens are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Whether you’re drying glassware, performing dry heat sterilization, or accelerating product aging, the Boekel Scientific Large Laboratory Oven provides a customized solution that aligns with your research needs and enhances your lab’s efficiency.

Reliability Backed by Warranty Boekel Scientific stands behind the quality and durability of their products. The Large Laboratory Oven comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring that you have peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

In summary, the Boekel Scientific Large Laboratory Oven, model 107801, redefines laboratory heating with its precision, versatility, and reliability. Designed for excellence, it empowers researchers, professionals, and scientists to achieve consistent and accurate results in applications spanning from annealing to polymerization. With advanced features and safety mechanisms, this oven is a must-have addition to any laboratory setting, promising to enhance your workflow and elevate your scientific pursuits.

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56 lbs

Dimensions (W x D x H)

19 1/2"w x 18 3/4"d x 25 1/4"h 2.7 cu ft

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