Justrite 4 Gallon, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX Countertop, Yellow – 890420


Experience optimal storage solutions with the Justrite 4 Gallon Self-Close Flammable Cabinet (model 890420). Crafted for secure storage of flammable liquids and solvents, this compact yet capacious cabinet is designed to fit effortlessly on countertops. The self-closing door mechanism guarantees safety, automatically shutting in case of fire. The galvanized SpillSlope® shelf directs spills to a leak-tested sump, while innovative features like the U-Loc™ handle and reflective warning labels enhance security and awareness. Unveil the future of compliant and efficient storage with the Justrite Sure-Grip® EX Countertop Safety Cabinet.


Enhance Safety and Compliance with the Justrite Sure-Grip® EX Countertop Safety Flammable Cabinet

Ensure secure and code-compliant storage of flammable liquids and solvents with the Justrite 4 Gallon Self-Close Flammable Cabinet (model 890420). Crafted to provide convenient access without compromising safety, this flammable cabinet stands as a reliable solution for safeguarding aerosols, cleaners, degreasers, and more.

Optimized Space and Accessibility

Designed to maximize accessibility while conserving valuable floor space, the yellow Justrite Sure-Grip® EX Countertop Safety Cabinet is an ideal addition to maintenance garages and workbenches alike. Its compact form, with exterior dimensions of 22 in H x 17 in W x 17 in D (559 mm H x 432 mm W x 432 mm D), ensures it seamlessly fits onto countertops while offering a substantial storage capacity of 4 gallons (15 liters) for flammable liquids.

Robust Construction for Uncompromising Protection

The 18-gauge (1-mm) thick steel double-wall construction of model 890420 combines durability and fire resistance. Boasting a 1.5-inch (38 mm) insulating air space, this flammable cabinet is engineered to withstand potential fire hazards. Unlike riveted alternatives, the fully welded construction not only prolongs the unit’s lifespan but also enhances fire protection by minimizing air gaps.

Safety and Convenience in Design

The self-closing door system of the Justrite flammable cabinet is designed with safety at its core. Opening to a full 180 degrees, the door’s concealed self-close mechanism allows obstruction-free access to the spacious interior.

A patented self-latching system with three stainless steel bullet slams ensures secure closure, while fusible links hold the doors open and automatically close them at 165°F (74°C) in the event of a fire.

Efficiency Meets Practicality

A galvanized steel SpillSlope® shelf, adjustable on 3-inch (76 mm) centers, directs spills to a leak-tested sump that meets EPA requirements. Welded shelf hangers ensure stability and longevity, eliminating the need for flimsy brackets. Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels, visible even during power outages, enhance safety awareness.

Customizable Security and Durability

The Justrite 4 Gallon Flammable Cabinet comes with an innovative U-Loc™ handle, offering easy and secure locking without manual rotation. Equipped with dual vents and flame arresters, adjustable self-leveling feet, and a built-in grounding connector, this cabinet is a comprehensive solution for your storage needs. Its epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish not only guarantees chemical resistance but also combats corrosion and humidity.

Experience Safety and Compliance

The Justrite 4 Gallon Self-Close Flammable Cabinet, model 890420, epitomizes safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. With a focus on accessibility, protection, and user-centric features, this countertop cabinet redefines the standard for flammable liquid storage, ensuring your workplace’s safety and regulatory requirements are met with unparalleled precision.

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8904205 4G



Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 X 17 X 22 in



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