Intelsint EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor


Transform your histology lab’s productivity with the cutting-edge Intelsint EFTP. This revolutionary tissue processor boasts unparalleled speed, processing 360 biopsies in just 45 minutes—eight times faster than competitors. With the ability to accommodate xylene-free protocols and pre-heated reagents, it maximizes efficiency without compromising quality. Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Intelsint EFTP guarantees reliability and durability, making it the ultimate solution to elevate your lab’s efficiency and performance while minimizing costs.


Experience Unmatched Efficiency with the Intelsint EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor:

Revolutionize your histology lab’s operations with the EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor, a cutting-edge tissue processor designed to elevate throughput while maintaining an incredibly low cost of ownership. As a leader in high-throughput systems, Intelsint offers a solution that outpaces the competition and provides exceptional long-term support and maintenance at a fraction of the cost.

Unleash Unprecedented Speed:

The Intelsint EFTP Tissue Processor stands as the fastest non-microwave tissue processor currently available.

Unlike the average processor that can handle only 360 cassettes per run, the EFTP processes 360 biopsies in a mere 45 minutes, presenting a turnaround time approximately eight times quicker than competitive processors.

Xylene-Free Advantages:

Adapt to xylene-free protocols effortlessly with the Intelsint tissue processors, enhancing processing cycles and eliminating the hassle of xylene handling. Whether you opt for xylene substitutes or IPA, the EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor can seamlessly accommodate your choice.

Efficient Pre-Heated Reagents:

The Intelsint EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor takes efficiency to a new level by pre-heating reagents while pumping them into the processing chamber. This innovative approach accelerates processing times, ensuring that reagents reach the tissue at the pre-set temperature defined by you. As a result, shorter station times become achievable without compromising the quality of results, all without resorting to microwave heat.

Exceptional Reliability:

The Intelsint EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor is engineered for longevity, exemplified by its 2-year warranty—double the industry standard. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, this tissue processor ensures consistent performance and reliability, providing peace of mind for your lab.

Elevate Efficiency and Save:

The EFTP’s superior capabilities extend beyond speed. It represents a solution that enables your lab to process with unmatched efficiency while minimizing costs. With turnaround times that are approximately eight times faster than competitors, the EFTP Rapid Tissue Processor stands at the forefront of tissue processing technology, ushering in a new era of efficiency and performance.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

26.8" x 27.6" x 59"


498 lbs



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