Intelsint ETP Processor


The Intelsint ETP Tissue Processor is a game-changer in histology labs, offering unmatched efficiency for producing high-quality tissue samples that enhance patient care. Surpassing competitors like Sakura VIP 6 and Thermo Revos, this processor sets new benchmarks by completing 360 biopsies in a remarkable 45 minutes—eight times faster than typical processors. Its innovative features, including pre-heated reagents and xylene-free protocols, streamline the process while eliminating xylene handling.


Elevate Tissue Processing with the Intelsint ETP Tissue Processor:

Deliver unparalleled tissue samples to your pathologists with the effortless efficiency of the Intelsint ETP Tissue Processor.

Designed to enrich patient care, this advanced processor crafts high-quality tissue, rivaling esteemed competitors like Sakura VIP 6, Leica PELORIS, Pegasus, and Thermo Revos.

Exceptional Speed and Quality:

Outpacing the market’s non-microwave tissue processors, the Intelsint ETP sets a new standard. While average processors handle 300 cassettes per run, Intelsint tissue processors seamlessly process 360 biopsies in just 45 minutes—an unprecedented feat, accelerating turnaround times by eightfold.

Unveiling Patient Stories:

Tissue samples tell tales of patients’ pain, enabling physicians to formulate precise treatment plans. The accuracy of tissue sampling is pivotal for our well-being, making the Intelsint ETP an invaluable asset for healthcare practitioners.

A Legacy of Service:

With nearly three decades of refurbishing and servicing tissue processors, we empathize with your struggles—downtime, compromised tissue, or halted runs due to non-critical alarms. The costs incurred echo both ways, motivating us to introduce the most reliable tissue processor to date.

Experience Unmatched Reliability:

Witness the Intelsint difference as countless labs that have demo’d the processor promptly embrace its capabilities. The processor streamlines the tissue processing journey, delivering perfect samples efficiently for superior patient care.

Empowering Specifications:

The Intelsint ETP boasts an array of empowering specifications. With features like pre-heated reagents and xylene-free protocols, it optimizes processing times and eliminates xylene handling. Equipped with level sensors, processing programs, and interfaces, it offers a comprehensive user experience that adheres to the highest industry standards.

Robust Inclusions:

The package encompasses a wealth of inclusions, from a 2-year warranty to installation and basic operator training. With a maximum capacity of 450 cassettes per run, the processor handles small biopsies deftly. The 15″ color touchscreen LCD interface, USB ports, network connectivity, and remote alarm port exemplify the processor’s cutting-edge design.

Embark on a journey of precision and reliability with the Intelsint ETP Tissue Processor and redefine your lab’s tissue processing prowess.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

26.8" x 27.6" x 59"


498.6 lbs



Operator Manual

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