Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 6 Tissue Processor


Proven most reliable, high quality, and easy to use tissue processor. Introducing a proven high quality, reliable and easy-to-use system into your lab. Reagent Management Software safeguards all steps taken during processing, to protect tissues and specimens. The VIP® 6 exceeds all current overnight tissue processors with its Reagent Management System combined with unique features, which improve quality and user-friendliness and offer economic use of reagents while minimizing the exposure of lab staff to hazardous chemicals.


Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 6 Tissue Processor

Elevate your tissue processing capabilities to unprecedented heights with the exceptional Sakura Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 Tissue Processor. This cutting-edge instrument redefines efficiency, ease of use, and reliability, setting a new standard for laboratory processing equipment. Crafted with precision and packed with innovative features, the VIP 6 empowers you to handle your tissue specimens with the utmost care while achieving unparalleled productivity.

Experience the future of tissue processing with the VIP 6’s intelligently designed interface that seamlessly merges intuitive operation with advanced reagent management. The heart of this exceptional system lies in its ability to automate transfers during processing, allowing you to focus on higher-order tasks.

The cabinet’s illuminated design grants you a unique window into the inner workings of the machine, enabling real-time monitoring of reagent levels – a feature that empowers you with complete control over the process.

Embrace versatility like never before, as the VIP 6 Tissue Processor offers an impressive array of 7 mixing options, revolutionizing the way you handle tissue samples. This groundbreaking feature streamlines your workflow and ensures the optimal integration of reagents, leading to consistently reliable results.

The VIP 6 Tissue Processor also boasts a range of smart instruments that simplify processing to an art form. From continuous mixing that optimizes efficiency to short cycles that accelerate the entire procedure, and a heated retort lid that raises the bar for precision, every aspect of tissue processing has been carefully fine-tuned for excellence.

Furthermore, with the VIP 6, you’re not just investing in efficiency – you’re making a conscious choice for a safer, more secure, and environmentally responsible laboratory environment. The included Solution Manager software serves as a guardian angel for your precious tissue specimens, meticulously safeguarding every step of the processing journey. This comprehensive protection ensures that your results remain untainted, setting a new standard for quality assurance.

The Sakura Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 Tissue Processor boasts impressive technical specifications that underscore its capability and sophistication. With a maximum capacity of 300 cassettes, it accommodates substantial workloads.

The unit’s dimensions at 61 cm in width, 63 cm in depth, and 133 cm in height ensure a compact footprint without compromising on its extensive features. Weighing 363.763 lbs., the VIP 6 Tissue Processor is both substantial and manageable. It houses 13 reagent reservoirs, covering waste and cleaning needs.

Additionally, the processor features 2 fixed bulk reservoirs, each holding 10.8 L, as well as 4 paraffin reservoirs. Waste management is efficient with 2 dedicated containers – 1 for reagent and 1 for paraffin wax disposal. The system adeptly manages 3 reagents, including paraffin wax, for comprehensive processing.

Equipped with 4 level sensors strategically positioned for 150-cassette, 300-cassette, cleaning, and overfill detection, the VIP 6 Tissue Processor ensures smooth operations. Lastly, the high-resolution color touchscreen display serves as an intuitive interface, facilitating user interaction and control.

The Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 6 Tissue Processor redefines your lab’s processing capabilities, making efficient, reliable, and precise tissue handling a reality. Unlock the potential for xylene-free processing, experience the convenience of automatic reagent transfers, and indulge in the power of continuous mixing – all at your fingertips through the high-resolution LCD color touch screen. With the VIP 6 Tissue Processor, excellence becomes the norm, and your lab achieves results that stand out in their quality and consistency.

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Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6



Dimensions (W x D x H)

24" x 27" x 54"


352 lbs



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