Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer


This stainer adapts effortlessly to a range of sample types, from skin samples to biopsies, offering flexible programming with adjustable staining times and a remarkable 14 reagent stations. With the ability to process up to 72 slides simultaneously in as little as 2 minutes, urgent diagnostics are met with unmatched speed. Quality remains uncompromised, aided by fresh reagents, optional agitation, and three rinse stations connected to running water for optimal results. The stainer’s convenience is exemplified by its continuous load capability and protocol-finished alarm, enhancing workflow efficiency.


Introducing the Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer: Unleash Efficiency in a Compact Design

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and quality with the Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer, a revolutionary instrument that seamlessly combines the prowess of cutting-edge software programming with a space-saving design. This innovative stainer takes automation to the next level, granting you the freedom to initiate a staining run and divert your attention to other pressing tasks.

Unleash Versatility with Flexible Programming

Diverse sample types demand tailored solutions, and the Leica ST4020 rises to the occasion. Whether you’re working with delicate skin samples (Mohs specimens), intricate frozen sections, nuanced fine needle aspirates, or vital biopsies, this stainer is your steadfast companion. Its flexibility shines as it adapts to your requirements, accommodating staining times ranging from a swift 2 seconds to a comprehensive 300 seconds at each station.

Optimized Staining with Advanced Automation

Time is of the essence, especially in critical medical scenarios. The Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer takes its place right beside your cryostat, streamlining the staining process for your surgical frozen sections. Its remarkable capacity allows up to 72 slides to be processed simultaneously, and with a total processing time as brief as approximately 2 minutes, the urgency of patient care is met head-on.

Seamless Workflow, Minimal Supervision

Embrace a new level of convenience with the Leica ST4020. Its thoughtfully designed collection tank accommodates 16 slides, and the protocol-finished alarm ensures you’re promptly notified. The continuous load capability ensures smooth operation by allowing the addition of a rack of four slides at each rack transfer interval.

Uncompromising Quality for Urgent Diagnostics

Urgent cases demand impeccable quality, and the Leica ST4020 ensures that no corners are cut. Fresh reagents, optional agitation, and customizable protocols are at your disposal, ensuring diagnostic integrity is preserved at all costs. To maintain the highest rinse quality, the stainer enables connection to fresh running water across its three stations. Low reagent consumption is championed, thanks to the modest 50 mL reagent container volume, facilitating regular changes and cost efficiency.

Empowering Adaptability for Varied Needs

Don’t let its size deceive you—while compact, the Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer is unbounded in its potential. Tailor your protocols to diverse sample types with ease. From fine needle aspirations to biopsies, this stainer is your go-to solution. Adjust staining times within the range of 2 to 300 seconds per station to suit your needs. With an impressive 14 reagent stations at your disposal, achieve a staining sequence that perfectly matches your requirements. The stainer’s variable start position adds another layer of flexibility, enabling protocols to be fine-tuned to perfection.

Incorporate the power of automation, precision, and adaptability into your workflow with the Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer. Embrace the future of staining technology and revolutionize your laboratory’s efficiency and diagnostic accuracy today.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

24.5" x 8" x 10"


35 lbs



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