Primera Signature® Cassette Printer, Automated System


The Primera Signature Automated Cassette Printer is the ultimate solution for efficient and high-quality cassette labeling in the medical field. Designed with advanced automation, this cutting-edge printer streamlines the process of creating clear and durable cassette labels for histology and pathology labs. Its user-friendly interface and swift printing capabilities ensure seamless operation, while the premium print resolution guarantees crisp, professional results. With the Primera Signature Automated Cassette Printer, lab professionals can enhance productivity, accuracy, and organization, making it an indispensable tool for any modern medical facility.


Elevate Efficiency with Precision: Introducing the Signature® Cassette Printer Automated System

Witness a new era of lab efficiency and specimen safety with the Signature Cassette Printer Automated System by Primera. Designed to revolutionize your laboratory operations, this cutting-edge system is more than just a printer – it’s a solution that seamlessly integrates innovation, accuracy, and convenience into your daily workflow.

Unleash Efficiency, Minimize Risks Say goodbye to the inefficiencies and misidentification risks that come with manual cassette labeling. The Signature Cassette Printer Automated System is your steadfast companion in elevating your lab’s potential. Imagine printing text, graphics, logos, and barcodes directly onto cassette faces with precision. This is more than printing; it’s a journey towards flawless workflow and heightened patient safety.

Delve into the array of features and benefits that the system offers:

Discover flexible printing modes, allowing you to choose between on-demand or batch-mode printing, aligning with your lab’s distinct needs. Elevate your cassettes with vibrant options – whether in black or color printing – enhancing both aesthetics and visual clarity. The process becomes effortlessly efficient with four cassette hoppers, each accommodating up to 40 cassettes, effectively streamlining operations and minimizing downtime.

Speed becomes unmatched, as the Signature Cassette Printer Automated System can print up to 8 cassettes per minute, a true testament to its seamless automation. Every label becomes a masterpiece of clarity and precision, thanks to thermal transfer printing at 300 dpi. Choose between Black – 4,300 prints or CMYK – 550 prints ribbon options for reliable, consistent print quality.

The system adapts to angles ranging from 35° to 45° on standard cassettes, whether the lid is on or off – all without the need for adjustments, saving valuable time and effort.

Witness ample output capacity of 7 cassettes, extendable to 17 with the addition of the extension tray, ensuring a continuous workflow. The reliability of chemical-resistant ink guarantees unmistakable cassette identification, bolstering confidence in results. Seamlessly integrate the system into your Laboratory Information Systems through the USB interface, fostering a connected and cohesive workflow that enhances overall efficiency and precision.

Effortless Operation, Visible Progress: Seamlessly Embrace Innovation

Designed with your convenience in mind, the Signature Cassette Printer Automated System redefines workflow dynamics through its user-friendly, hands-free operation. Each step becomes a breeze as the system’s individual cassette hoppers effortlessly handle loading tasks, freeing you to focus on what truly matters. To enhance your peace of mind, the transparent blue LED backlit case offers an unobstructed view of the remaining cassettes, ensuring that progress remains visible and uninterrupted. This is more than just a printer – it’s a testament to operational ease and uninterrupted advancement.

PTLab™ Software: Your Partner in Precision Unlock the full potential of the Signature Cassette Printer Automated System with Primera’s exclusive PTLab Software. Crafted specifically for use with this system, PTLab Software swiftly installs on any Windows Vista 7/8/10 PC. Within minutes, you’re equipped to print full-color cassettes. By printing only the necessary labels precisely when and where they’re needed, you’re actively preventing potential patient safety concerns.

With the Signature Cassette Printer Automated System, Primera welcomes you to a realm where efficiency, precision, and innovation intersect. Your lab’s future is here, where technology elevates your capabilities and safeguards the integrity of each specimen. Embrace the transformation today and redefine what’s possible in your laboratory.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

12" x 25.9" x 19.3"


74 lbs.



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