Thermo PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer


The Thermo PrintMate 450 is an advanced and reliable thermal printer designed to meet the demanding needs of modern laboratories. With its cutting-edge technology, the PrintMate 450 delivers high-quality, clear, and precise printouts for various applications, including histology and pathology. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with lab information systems make it effortless to operate, saving valuable time and streamlining workflow. The printer’s compact design optimizes lab space while its robust build ensures long-lasting performance, making the Thermo PrintMate 450 an indispensable asset for any laboratory seeking efficiency and accuracy in their printing tasks.


Revolutionizing Cassette Printing with the Thermo PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer: Precision and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

On-Demand Printing for Unprecedented Workflow Agility

Introducing the Thermo PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer—a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate your laboratory’s cassette printing capabilities. Say goodbye to pre-printed cassettes and embrace the freedom of on-demand printing. This printer’s agile performance allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your workflow, optimizing efficiency and ensuring a smooth histology process. Its compact footprint finds its perfect place at the grossing station, providing easy accessibility without compromising space.

Automated Barcode Integration for Error-Free Operations

The PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer is your partner in error prevention. Utilize its barcode scanning feature to effortlessly print cassettes as needed, reducing the risk of patient identification errors. Each cassette is imprinted with easy-to-read 2D barcodes and text, ensuring clarity and precision throughout the laboratory journey. Say farewell to manual cassette labeling and welcome the era of seamless automation.

Flexibility that Adapts to Your Needs

Connectivity is key, and the PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer opens doors to streamlined operations. Its Laboratory Information System (LIS) connectivity ensures that your printing tasks seamlessly synchronize with your broader laboratory network. Need to scale up? No problem. This printer’s expandable nature allows you to transition from two to six to twelve hoppers, catering to your evolving demands. Moreover, it operates not only as an on-demand printer but also as a versatile batch printer, accommodating your various printing scenarios. For the epitome of convenience, an optional automated collection system is available, further enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Rapid High-Quality Printing for Uncompromising Accuracy

Speed meets quality with the PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer. This printer aligns with your laboratory’s workflow, delivering rapid printing without compromising on precision. The easy-to-read 2D barcodes and text ensure that your imprints remain legible and accurate, meeting the rigorous standards of the medical field. The permanent black type ensures that your cassette labels stay intact throughout the entire histology process, from specimen collection to archival.

In a landscape where accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety are paramount, the Thermo PrintMate 450 Cassette Printer stands as a beacon of technological advancement. Embrace the power of on-demand printing, integrate seamlessly into your laboratory, and redefine your approach to histology operations with this remarkable solution. Trust in the PrintMate 450 to be the catalyst for precision and efficiency in your laboratory’s cassette printing endeavors.

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PrintMate 450



Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 X 15 X 11 in


37 lbs (with cassette tubes)



Operator Manual

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