Primera Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed


The Primera Signature Cassette Printer, Manual Feed, is a cutting-edge solution for accurate and efficient cassette labeling in medical laboratories. Designed with precision in mind, this user-friendly printer allows lab professionals to manually feed cassettes, ensuring precise alignment for legible and durable labels. With its intuitive interface, lab technicians can easily customize labels to include essential information, streamlining sample tracking and organization. The Primera Signature Cassette Printer, Manual Feed, is a reliable and cost-effective tool that enhances lab efficiency while meeting regulatory standards, making it an essential asset for any modern medical facility.


Efficiency and Accuracy Unleashed: Primera Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed

Revolutionize your lab’s workflow with the Primera Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed, a cutting-edge solution that puts precision and efficiency at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the days of misidentification risks and cumbersome processes. With on-demand cassette printing, you’re about to experience a seamless, error-free laboratory experience like never before.

Elevate Your Lab’s Efficiency

Gone are the days of traditional cassette labeling methods that consume time and result in errors. The Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed from Primera is your ticket to heightened efficiency and patient safety. Now, you have the power to print text, graphics, logos, and barcodes – both linear and 2D – directly onto cassette faces. Each printed label not only streamlines your workflow but also enhances the safety of patient specimens.

Upgrade Your Lab’s Potential

Start your journey with a manual printer and pave the way for a fully automated system in the future. Primera empowers you to evolve at your own pace. The compact footprint of the Signature Printer makes it an ideal addition to every grossing station, allowing for direct-to-cassette printing without missing a beat.

Features and Benefits of the Primera Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed at a Glance

Experience the brilliance of on-demand label printing, eradicating manual labeling errors. Choose from black or color printing options to impart a professional, vibrant touch to your cassettes. With printing speeds of up to 6 seconds per cassette, efficiency is paramount.

Expect crystal-clear detail with thermal transfer printing at 300 dpi, ensuring the sharpest and most legible labels. The printer’s adaptability is unmatched – no adjustments are needed for standard cassettes within angles of 35° to 45°, regardless of lid position. Say farewell to proprietary cassettes; the Signature Printer Manual Feed effortlessly accommodates standard ones.

Operating near-silently, it maintains a tranquil lab environment even during printing. Enjoy a clean and odor-free atmosphere, as there are no smell, smoke, or venting requirements. Reliability is guaranteed with chemical-resistant ink, reducing the risk of errors on every label. Seamlessly integrate into your Laboratory Information System via the USB interface.

Elevate your lab’s efficiency with the proprietary PTLab Software, designed exclusively for the Signature Printer. With swift setup and compatibility with Windows Vista 7/8/10 PC, PTLab Software enables quick full-color cassette printing. By printing necessary cassettes precisely where and when required, you’re taking a vital step toward ensuring patient safety.

Innovation Meets Affordability

Despite its high-resolution, full-color capabilities, the Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed is remarkably more cost-effective than other monochrome-only alternatives. Minimize error risks, optimize workflow efficiency, and save both time and money by focusing your inventory solely on white cassettes.

With the Primera Signature Cassette Printer Manual Feed, you’re embarking on a new era of laboratory efficiency, precision, and patient safety. Elevate your lab’s potential today and embrace the future of on-demand printing.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

12" x 25.9" x 19.3"


74 lbs.



Operator Manual

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